Friday, August 27, 2010

A Total Phua Chu Kang Experience, i.e. Thrilled!

Here we are!
Finally, our mock exam was over, phew, it felt fantastic.
Okay, let's pick up from where we left off.
Oopsie daisy, we have got a special day awaiting for its delayed celebration, that is our 18th Mensiversary!

On the day before 27th, that is yesterday, my wife² and i went to Queensbay Mall just to wander around and try out the snacks there.
I have been wanting this for such long time, and finally, i have tasted it on my tongue.
Damn, i am in love J.CO yogurt, so do my wife².
We share the same taste, of course, we are one!

Today, my wife² and i went to Gurney for Phua Chu Kang the movie, and did some shopping too.
Hmm, the movie was fine, got nothing special, but it did remind me of my childhood.
I used to watch Phua Chu Kang since i was young and that time, i thought that Mr. Bean = PCK.

Next, my wife² and i exchanged presents.
I got us a couple tee and my wife² bought me a red hot wallet which has always been my target.
Well, my happiness bar is almost fulfilled!

The last thing of the night perfects my happiness bar.
My wife² and i enjoyed our sweet dinner in Chicago Rib House.
Still the same, tasted heavenly good.

Time for a romantic walk by the dark sea.
We kept interacting with each other all along.
My wife² and i have not been doing some chatting in the dark and by the sea for a long time.
Our night was ended with a few snapshots, cheese!

Dear, i am the brightest star in the sky because, i am the odd one, the special one.
I blink for you.
Happy sweet 18, to both of us!

Be My Smurfin!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well, this is a phrase which i have invented myself.
Lova means love and megaly stands for expansion.
In other words, it means the development of our love, our relationship.
Lovamegaly is in progress, and it will never be stopped!

Yeppie, it was our 18th mensiversary!
Exactly one and a half year, we have been together, and that is really wow, impressive!
Unfortunately, we have to delay the celebration until our mock examination is over.
My wife² and i are very very frustrated as this is a very special, happy day for us and yet we can't celebrate it on the exact date.

Anyway, happy mensiversary to my lovely wife².
I owe you presents and celebrations.
You are my love of a lifetime!
Muacks, and all the best in your exam.
No matter what, you still got me.

They Call It, We Call It, You Call It, I Call It Lve!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Seventh Heaven.

Oh Gosh.
My wife²'s doggie gave birth to not 3, not 4, but 7 cute tiny puppies.
They are very very adorable, always make some cute noises.
But, let's face the truth, how is she going to rear them when they grow bigger??
Therefore, puppies open for adoption!
I envy them so much, got nothing to do except drinking milk and sleeping.
Good luck, pups!

7 Little Dwarfs.