Thursday, September 22, 2011

31 Months!

Today, it was a very special day to both my wife and i as we have been together for exactly 31 months or 2 years and 7 months. Besides, we were celebrating this auspicious event together with a gang of extremely frisky hyperactive sick kittens. We got up not as late as usual, had our favourite Curry Mee before heading to Logos Hope, the biggest floating book fair in Malaysia. Logos Hope is actually a ship which offers more than books and features a fully air conditioned deck that is open to the public to explore. Upon boarding the ship with an admission fee of RM1 per head, we received a warm welcome and one of the personnel just gave us a brief introduction as well as history of the magnificent ship. Not only books but also CD titles are being merchandised here with an odd but effective currency of units, 100 units is equal to RM8. A wide spectrum of books, ranging from recipe to biographies, travels as well as fiction is exhibited and for sale. Other than that, you could always purchase souvenirs such as keychain, post card, sticker, pen and crystal decoration.

It was a burning afternoon, we eventually grabbed a can of cold drink from a vending machine. I have already prepared a series of Rilakkuma collectibles as gifts for her. Unfortunately, one of the kittens i have mentioned above faced flu deterioration which ended up us bringing her again to a vet. Time consuming, money wasting, my wife and i got not much money left to celebrate our day. That is why we only had duck drumstick noodle for our lunch, how pathetic was that.

In the evening, my wife fell with a thud into a deep drain without the drain cover while she was walking towards my car. That left a deep wound on her left leg which now and then causes her to yell in pain. After doing some first aid actions, my wife and i had our dinner at the newly opened Lok Lok-oriented Xuan Xin Steamboat. Click here for the full review and more pictures.

We packed the remaining food, intending to bring it back for the stray dogs and cats in my residential area. However, we were stopped and compelled to leave our food at the cinema locker when we were entering GSC for the funny movie, Johnny English Reborn, starring the wit, Rowan Atkinson a.k.a Mr Bean.

It was fun movie, we really enjoyed that. The show finished at around 10pm and i got to stock up my cat litter. Hence, we both travelled to Tesco Tanjung Pinang and for what? For the cats again!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival.

A bright shiny white sphere suspended in the dark sky, yes, it was the mid-autumn festival.
This festival is considered as one of the most celebrated events in many Chinese countries notably China.
I remember during the mid-autumn festival 2010, my wife and i were the only people besides a kid lifting a lantern, wandering at Gurney Drive as it was raining heavily.

Tonight, the weather was so fine and we were lifting exactly the same pattern of lantern like last year's at the same location.
However, i have already prepared a surprise gift for my lovely wife.
I pretended that i left my lighter inside the car and i eventually brought out a Rilakkuma inflatable lantern which is operated by two AA batteries.
The light source is only a small LED lamp and a loud monotune nursery rhyme plays as the power supply is connected.
Guess what? I was carrying this eye-catching lantern, walking from the beginning to the end of the drive.
My wife and i eventually spent two hours there, intoxicating ourselves with the warm environment, beautiful lanterns.

It was 11pm and we departed to Straits Quay just to check out the surrounding there.
Out of our expectations, it was pretty calm there.
We then called it a day as exhaustion started to take over.