Friday, December 31, 2010

Here Comes the Double One.

Tik tok, tik tok.
Is time moving fast, slow, or normal for you?
For me, time does move rapidly, with you and i.
And the 'you' is referring to my wife² who always treats me very well and be right by my side whenever i need her.
Wherever and whenever you see me, you will see her.
And vice versa, wherever and whenever you see her, you will see me.
Usually, i will celebrate every single special day or event with my wife².
The very last day of the year 2010 was no exception.

Today was considered as one of my luckiest day.
My wife² and i spent most of our day at Gurney Plaza.
Guess what? I have finally bought myself a Diadora hoodie which is on my radar for some time.
The young lady promoter of Diadora department at Parkson Gurney Plaza was very lousy.
Not long ago, my wife² attempted to purchase this hoodie for me, so she asked the promoter for my size.
Lol, the promoter didn't even check their stock and answered 'no' without any hesitation.
I can say that she is terribly lazy, can't i? Or is it possible that it was really out of stock?
Luckily, today, i was served by an elderly promoter which was kind and helpful.
And, finally, now i can see my lovely new hoodie in my closet everyday.
By the way, i have also bought myself a pair of Soda jeans after a discount of 50%, yay!
The shirts and dresses there failed to attract my wife²'s attention.
They were not my wife²'s cups of tea!

Spending roughly 4 hours, wandering around the plaza.
We started to starve and we headed towards New World Park.
Mizi Bistro, here we came!
My wife² and i had our sweet dinner at the bistro.
Few days ago, i have made a reservation through phone.
I wonder it was my pronunciation problem or their listening problem.
My name was mistaken as Gerald.
Gosh, do 'Darren' and 'Gerald' sound alike?
Forget that, at least, we still had our own table.
Oh ya, another thing is that there is an older waiter or boss i don't care, who is very lancy and there are no words like 'thank you' or 'excuse me' in his dictionary.
The other waiters were very polite and they provided good services, unlike this old man.
I present to you, the pictures of the night!
And, sorry for not snapping down the sipek lancy old man.

This is fantastic, 4 different types of Tabasco sauces!
My wife² and i both are fans of Tabasco sauces.

Appetizers - breads with a few butter cubes.

A must-try dish, absof*ckinglutely delicious Mushroom soup!

You could fall for the aroma of this onion soup.

Classic Combo Three which consists of a chicken chop, lamb chop, fish fillet and mashed potatoes.
I personally found it way too much for one person, perfectly suits two.

I strongly recommend this dish, Seafood Kebab.
A string of meats of squid, fish, prawn, tomatoes and green peppers, with some Briyani Rice beneath it.
The meats were very well marinated and the combination of the rice and seafood definitely worth a !

Free flow of ice-cream.

After our promising dinner, we went back to Gurney Plaza and had a little walk.
The time was now 9.30pm and we went to the cinema for the movie, The Tourist, starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.
The plot was lame but the movie itself was quite fun.
Anyway, the movie is more to comedy but not thriller.
You may still spectator Johnny's Captain Jack Sparrow walking style in the movie.
In conclusion, my wife² and i did enjoy the movie, funny sia.

Woah, the movie finished at around 11.30pm.
My wife² and i walked out of the plaza, crossed the road and spent some time at Gurney Drive.
The drive was so crowded, so lively.
We chit-chatted while waiting for the clock to stop at 0000.
Time flies and it was 12.00am.
Happy New Year 2011!!
We said farewell to 2010 and welcomed 2011 with a warm heart.
Fireworks were shot up into the black sky.
Unfortunately, they were too fast and too little to be captured.
My wife² and i have witnessed this very special moment together.
2010 was a great year, hope that 2011 might be a better one.

New Year, New Hope.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Island of the Legends.

After our international examination, my wife² and i really need some fresh air, to get us recharged once more.
Last year, we traveled to KL for vacation, and did a lot of shopping.
My wife² and i, along with a few friends did really enjoy ourselves during the KL trip as the trip was well planned.
For this year, we have chosen Pulau Langkawi, the only geopark with duty-free status.
Chocolates and wines, here we came!

Day 1 - 21/12/10
Today, i woke up at around 6am.
Gosh, i have never woke up that early after my SPM examination.
But it was alright, as i had a chance to admire the view of moonset.
I guess, it was my first time, nice!

Picking up my wife² and we departed to the airport.
The super cold surrounding there made me so hungry and so sleepy.
After a not-so-long waiting, my wife² and i boarded our plane.
Spectating air stewardess' safety demonstration, fastening our seat belt, we were free to go!
The time is now 8.30am.

As expected, it took us half an hour of travel above the clouds to arrive safely at destination.
With no hesitation and a number of bargainings, we found us a blue Myvi, which cost us 260 bucks for 3 days.

Hmm, since our friends will be reaching the island at around noon by ferry, my wife² and i got our ride fueled up and drove all way down to Kuah to pick them up.
In midway, we have visited a number of duty-free shops, malls and of course, tried out the local hawker food.

Wow, Koay Teow Soup and Wantan Mee were priced at 4 and 4.50 bucks respectively.
Well, the 80-cents herbal egg was delicious.
But still, no doubt, Penang food is still the best and the cheapest.

What cheers me up was that i have bought myself a pair of Nike sandals with only 25 bucks from Al-IkhsaN.
What a steal!
The traffic in Langkawi was damn smooth, but the distance between attractions, i describe it as really very scary.

Finally, our friends arrived at the jetty.
After picking them up, we had our lunch at Mc Donald's as there are no hawker stalls or restaurants in vicinity.
Alright, gained the energy needed for our day.

Next stop, the Bird Paradise.
I present to you, the residents of the park!

My favourite, the super duper cute tiny little squirrel!

The apple of my wife²'s eye, Smokey Eye.


We spent roughly 2 hours in the park.
Ops, time to check in our rooms right now, which are located in Cenang beach.
That was a long and dangerous journey as the roads are all snake-like.
I should stop bullshitting and get some rest, get myself cleaned up.

Having all these daily stuffs done, it was already time for dinner.
Lol, guess what? This bowl of Tomyam soup cost us 15 bucks, God damn it.
That totaled our bill to almost 60 bucks, after a 10% discount, and that was really very very expensive.

Tidak puas hati for the amount of money i have paid for our dinner!
Nevermind, we traveled to a night market at Kedawang, to try out some local Malay snacks.
Phew, i was super full right now!

After spending some time walking around Cenang beach, we got back to our rooms and watched the lame movie, Tarzan II.
At last, nights!

Day 2 - 22/12/10
I had a tight sleep last night and the time is now 8am.
First of all, happy 22nd mensiversary to my wife²!
Today was very special as we were celebrating it in an extraordinary way.
My wife², my friends and i had a quick breakfast as we are going for the island hopping tour.

Arriving at the port near Tengah beach.
Luckily, we did not have to wait for the long queue.

The engine of our boat went brmm, brmm, brmm.
And soon, we were in the middle of the wide blue sea!

The pregnant maiden mountain.
I was hugely amazed. It totally looks like a pregnang lady!!

First stop, the Dayang Bunting island.
Got nothing much there, except the lake of pregnant maiden, monkeys and free fish spa.
My wife² tried the spa and she said that the fish bites make her feel itchy.

Moving on, eagle feeding show.
Actually, they did not feed anything la.
We got a chance to spectator the great eagle's superb hunting skills.
Paiseh, my camera is not good enough to catch the fast moving eagles.

Last but not least, we stopped at the Wet Rice island.
OMG, the beach there was simply awesome.
The sand was damn white and soft, the sea water was very clear that you may see fishes swimming here and there.
Without any hesitation, my wife² and i got ourselves prepared and had a great time in the sea.
Nice looking there, dear!

Fish feeding.

We got back to the port and then our rooms.
After an hour rest time, we drove for almost half an hour to Perdana Quay, to have our lunch at the Loaf Japanese Style Bakery Bistro.
The Loaf Bakery was recommended by almost everyone who went to Langkawi.
Thats why we were here!
It was a bit pricey, but the bread and the cakes were really made from good and sufficient ingredients.
Of course, they were tasty!

Well, we were intending to take the famous cable car.
But unfortunately, it was damn crowded.
Alright, plan B!
We traveled to the black sand beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam).
Spending only 10 minutes there and my wife² and i brought back a bottle of black sand.
How uncivilized were us!

Well, today was our 22nd mensiversary, my wife² and i seperated from our friends and had dinner ourselves.
We went to Fat Mum restaurant which is situated at Tengah beach.
The Bee Huns tasted normal.
I personally adored the crabs and fish fillets!
After the meal, i still able to smell the crabs on my finger, yucks, how disgusting!

Special on the outside, not-so-special on the inside.

Spotted a fatty! So chubi!

Had some light exercise, walking around Tengah beach and Cenang beach.
We have bought some souvenirs there.

Around 11pm, we went back to our motel.
Then, before my wife², my friends and i slept, we had an enjoyable time.

Day 1 - 23/12/10
Time flies, today was the last day of our Langkawi trip.
Of course, we were not willing to go back.
But, staying for another night will be absolutely pointless.

Well, today was still the same.
We checked out our rooms and got our buttock on our car cushion.
Tried to get to the Langkawi Oriental Village as soon as possible.
Wow, the cable car counter was already crowded, but not so bad as yesterday.
Luckily, the queue was moving rapidly.
The tickets were priced at 15 bucks each, with MyCard.
Unfortunately, i took out my cooked cup noodles but i left my fork inside my room.
Challenging, i ate my noodles without any fork and without using my finger.

And soon, it was our turn to on board the cable car.

After a few minutes, we arrived at the middle station.

One more ride, and we were now at the final station which is located approximately 700 metres above the sea level.
Wow, i like the cold air there!
My wife² and i had a burger and an ice-cream there.
Having something cold in a cold surrouding, was i insane?
But it did feel good.

After finished consuming our food, we headed towards the famous sky bridge which connects the two mountains.
Well, for me, i was not afraid, but for my wife², she was terrified.
The bridge would vibrate if there is any wind movement.
I do believe pictures will be a better presenter than i am.

Well, the time was not early and i started to starve.
We got down to Kuah and had our lunch at Artisans Pizza Cafe.
The cafe has a few branches over Langkawi island.
That is why we wanted to try it out.

Add Image
The pizzas were fine and i had no comment regarding the pizzas.
We visited Coco Valley and Langkawi Parade before sending my friends back to Jetty Point.
I bought my wife² a handbag from Exodus Zone.

My wife² and i then paid Dataran Helang a visit.
What a masterpiece, marvellous!

Had 3 pieces of Big Apple donuts.
And here we departed to the airport.
The journey felt so short, in fact it was a long one.
My wife² and i were sad to leave here.
There were so much joyful moments over these three days.
We returned our car and got our boarding pass.

Here came our plane.
See ya, Langkawi.
We will be back!
One last time, goodbye!