Friday, December 31, 2010

Here Comes the Double One.

Tik tok, tik tok.
Is time moving fast, slow, or normal for you?
For me, time does move rapidly, with you and i.
And the 'you' is referring to my wife² who always treats me very well and be right by my side whenever i need her.
Wherever and whenever you see me, you will see her.
And vice versa, wherever and whenever you see her, you will see me.
Usually, i will celebrate every single special day or event with my wife².
The very last day of the year 2010 was no exception.

Today was considered as one of my luckiest day.
My wife² and i spent most of our day at Gurney Plaza.
Guess what? I have finally bought myself a Diadora hoodie which is on my radar for some time.
The young lady promoter of Diadora department at Parkson Gurney Plaza was very lousy.
Not long ago, my wife² attempted to purchase this hoodie for me, so she asked the promoter for my size.
Lol, the promoter didn't even check their stock and answered 'no' without any hesitation.
I can say that she is terribly lazy, can't i? Or is it possible that it was really out of stock?
Luckily, today, i was served by an elderly promoter which was kind and helpful.
And, finally, now i can see my lovely new hoodie in my closet everyday.
By the way, i have also bought myself a pair of Soda jeans after a discount of 50%, yay!
The shirts and dresses there failed to attract my wife²'s attention.
They were not my wife²'s cups of tea!

Spending roughly 4 hours, wandering around the plaza.
We started to starve and we headed towards New World Park.
Mizi Bistro, here we came!
My wife² and i had our sweet dinner at the bistro.
Few days ago, i have made a reservation through phone.
I wonder it was my pronunciation problem or their listening problem.
My name was mistaken as Gerald.
Gosh, do 'Darren' and 'Gerald' sound alike?
Forget that, at least, we still had our own table.
Oh ya, another thing is that there is an older waiter or boss i don't care, who is very lancy and there are no words like 'thank you' or 'excuse me' in his dictionary.
The other waiters were very polite and they provided good services, unlike this old man.
I present to you, the pictures of the night!
And, sorry for not snapping down the sipek lancy old man.

This is fantastic, 4 different types of Tabasco sauces!
My wife² and i both are fans of Tabasco sauces.

Appetizers - breads with a few butter cubes.

A must-try dish, absof*ckinglutely delicious Mushroom soup!

You could fall for the aroma of this onion soup.

Classic Combo Three which consists of a chicken chop, lamb chop, fish fillet and mashed potatoes.
I personally found it way too much for one person, perfectly suits two.

I strongly recommend this dish, Seafood Kebab.
A string of meats of squid, fish, prawn, tomatoes and green peppers, with some Briyani Rice beneath it.
The meats were very well marinated and the combination of the rice and seafood definitely worth a !

Free flow of ice-cream.

After our promising dinner, we went back to Gurney Plaza and had a little walk.
The time was now 9.30pm and we went to the cinema for the movie, The Tourist, starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.
The plot was lame but the movie itself was quite fun.
Anyway, the movie is more to comedy but not thriller.
You may still spectator Johnny's Captain Jack Sparrow walking style in the movie.
In conclusion, my wife² and i did enjoy the movie, funny sia.

Woah, the movie finished at around 11.30pm.
My wife² and i walked out of the plaza, crossed the road and spent some time at Gurney Drive.
The drive was so crowded, so lively.
We chit-chatted while waiting for the clock to stop at 0000.
Time flies and it was 12.00am.
Happy New Year 2011!!
We said farewell to 2010 and welcomed 2011 with a warm heart.
Fireworks were shot up into the black sky.
Unfortunately, they were too fast and too little to be captured.
My wife² and i have witnessed this very special moment together.
2010 was a great year, hope that 2011 might be a better one.

New Year, New Hope.

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