Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Over.

Finally, our exam was over and we welcomed our holiday with a fantastic meal at Swensen's, Gurney Plaza.
My wife² and i have not visited Swensen's for at least a year.
Still, the quality was top class!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Delayed But Long-lasting 27th Mensiversary.

Due to my crazily-packed exam schedule, my wife² and i were forced to postpone our 27th mensiversary.
Our exam has driven us insane and for your information, it lasts for exactly a month.
The celebration was delayed to 27 May.

I have been hearing from my wife² how great is the Blue Reef which is situated at Straits Quay.
You know what?
She kept showing off to me once she had her dinner at the restaurant which claims to serve the best Fish & Chips in town.
How bad is her!
Finally, i had the chance to prove the statement whether it is right or not.
We had a fine and sweet dining at the restaurant.
My wife² was so silly as she kept adding plentiful of malt vinegar and Tartar sauce onto my Fish & Chips.
However, it turned out to be delicious!
Kindly click here for the full review.

The meal was so promising and we were super satisfied.
We had a walk at the seaside mall before eventually moving to Gurney Plaza for the movie, Kung Fu Panda 2.
You can see my wife² was enjoying herself at Toys R' Us, childish sia!

I escorted her back to her crib and accompanied her.
Uh oh, her poodle looked so down.

Besides the Rilakkuma massage cushion, i bought my wife² a Russ plush toy.
How adorable is the bear, he is wearing a detachable pamper!
Within my expectation, my wife² gave the bear a gender and a name, Guguly Bear.
What was the quote of the day? Guguly sits on the wall, inspired by Humpty Dumpty.

We took a short rest before departing to Lao Sher Tea House, Burma Road for our dinner.
This was not our first visit but the third i think.
One of their signature dishes is the Tom Yam Noodle which is sold at an extremely cheap price.
Check out the review by clicking here.

It was a truly joyful day as well as my pokkai day.
Well, let's pray that our exam ends asap so that my wife² and i could have fun hanging around, eating around all day all night.
I love you, wifey!
All the best in your coming papers!!