Friday, March 25, 2011

25th Mensiversary!

I am really sorry for not keeping this blog alive.
Things are not going smooth as the gifts are actually by my wife²'s side.
She has to bring all of them here so i could take pictures of them.
Finally, i managed to write this very belated 25th Mensiversary post.
Sadly, the day was full of lectures and we had no choice but to postpone the celebration until today.

Today, there was a marathon of lectures in the morning.
At last, the class ended and we quickly rushed to Neway Karaoke, Queensbay Mall.
Unfortunately, it was 1.30pm and the buffet session has just finished.
We were told that our lunch will only be served at 2pm.
My wife² and i were really starving.
However, we had a great time in this small, cozy and cold room.
Rock n' Roll!

After a long journey, my wife²'s presents have finally arrived at destination safely.
The shipping from Hong Kong took us a month time.
But, the presents were bought at bargain prices, compared with other sellers.
The rechargeable CR2 batteries which are quite rare here, the CR2 batteries charger and fisheye lens only cost 80+ bucks.
I have seen some local forumers selling the same particular lens for 70 bucks.
The fisheye lens may fit most of the phone cameras or digital cameras.
I bought it as an add on for the digital lomo camera which was my wife²'s Valentine's day present.

Let's take a look at the result of the camera, equipped with fisheye lens.
I personally pretty adore the fisheye effect but the effect appears to be not so significant in indoor.

What? There were more gifts??
My wife² and i have spotted these cute Rilakkuma wall hangers when we were having a window shopping spree at Queensbay Mall.
Without hesitation, i have bought them down as my wife² is a truly Rilakkuma fan.
She dreams to live a relaxing life, just like Rilakkuma's.

Well well well, my wife²'s birthday is approaching.
I better get the gifts prepared.
Dear, are you ready for surprises??

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dangling Loose.

Our semester break has just begun and my wife² and i took this golden opportunity to recharge our batteries.
We have not been at the cinema for quite a while, not counting in today.
My wife² and i have enjoyed our day at Gurney Plaza.

Unfortunately, something happened which greatly influenced my mood.
Last Friday, dead pixels just appeared of nowhere on my Ac*r laptop screen and i swear i did not exert strong force on it.
I could not wait until today but still, i had to and i did it.
At the beginning, i was delighted as i could get my lappy fixed.
It was a blast when i was told by the receptionist that dead pixels problem is not covered under warranty and all they can do is just deducting 50 bucks from my total reparation fee which is estimated to be 750 bucks, what a joke.
My dad had a debate with the technician and finally, they agreed to send my lappy to determine the cause.
However, there is only a low possibility that i get my claim approved.

With our growling stomach, we had our toothsome lunch at Sakae Sushi.

My wife² and i later went for the movie, the lizard-tale, Rango.
The main character, Rango which is voiced by Johnny Depp is going from zero to hero in the movie.
The plot and the theme which based on desert and animals is quite peculiar.
When we were wandering around, i have bought my wife² two Rilakkuma mugs for only 10 bucks, the original price is 10 bucks each.

My wife² and i have got extra time to spare and we ended up in 600cc Taiwanese Restaurant.
They do offer lower prices for particular food during tea time.
We shared an Assortment of Desserts with Almond Tofu which is super refreshing.
There were quite a lot of jellies, mango pudding, red beans, pearl jellies as well as a scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream.