Saturday, February 26, 2011

Uninvited Guest.

My brain was fulled of question marks.
This furry thingy just appeared of nowhere.
And, the best part is, i am living on the 7th floor in an apartment.
How did this grayish-white creature end up here?

Anyway, i have spent some good time with the not-so-frisky cat and yet i still don't know his gender.
I assume that the cat is a male and now, i will tell you my day.
In the afternoon, he just intruded my crib and peed inside my bathroom.
That certainly indicates that the cat is toilet trained and theoretically, he should be someone's property.
Maybe the owner dumped him as he is having some sort of minor skin problem on his tiny pair of ears.

Throughout the day, he was just totally unlike those normal cats.
He was like missing his home all the time. He did not look happy.
He was unfriendly, not very playful and the worst thing is, he never made a sound.
Oh ya, now i remember, he yelled once when he couldn't find any cat litter sand.
Guess what? That resulted in him having a bowel movement on my brand new wrapping paper!!
It appeared like he was thinking that it is just newspapers.

Now, he is gone.
He is having a great time with my neighbours.
It is so unfortunate as i am unable to keep him as a pet due to my dad's disapproval, haikss.
Lastly, i hope that the owner will come back and look for him.
Apparently, he needs his owner.
May God bless him.

Have a Break, Have a Kit Cat.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two is Better Than One.

The title above looks quite familiar, isn't it?
Of course la, it is the romantic song who makes the world go round and round.
But today, i am not talking about the song, recorded by the band, Boys Like Girls.
In fact, in a soccer match, a two-goal lead is always better and stable than one-goal lead.
This principle does apply on a relationship.
I am screaming out loud now.
Happy second anniversary, my sweet and obedient wife²!

Exactly 8 days after the high glucose level Valentine's Day, it was our second anniversary.
But, it was a not-so-fantabulous one as i have spent 100% of effort for the 14th February and i can't come out with new idea for our anniversary.
At least, i have got the one and only gift for my wife² and it was a mini photo album which can only fit in 18 pictures.
I have spent quite some time choosing the 18 out of thousands of photos of us.
My wife² adored the album so much as she treasures our sweet memories a lot, and she loves mini stuffs.

So unfortunate again, we had lectures in the morning.
After attending the lectures, we went and had our favourite Curry Mee for breakfast.
Guess what? I rate it as the best Curry Mee in Penang.
For full review, please click here!

The chemical energy in our body was mostly converted into kinetic, sound and heat energy during the lectures.
After refilling our chemical energy, my wife² and i went back to my crib to get some rest.
In my crib, i spared some time to post a review for what have we eaten just now.
Next, we were invading Sakae Sushi, Gurney Plaza to have lunch.
My wife² is always a fan of good and Japanese food is our cup of tea.
Please do allow me to connect you to the scene at Sakae Sushi!
Love the computerized food ordering system!

Got to get something that could awaken my senses, Wasabi to enhance the tastiness of our salmon sushi.

Alright, folks, fork and spoon time!!

The Salmon and Terriyaki Chicken Bento, which came with Miso soup, Chawanmushi and rice was first served.
Regarding the salmon, it was fine, not-so-fresh but still considered as fresh.
The yummy thingy was the Terriyaki chicken.
The Terriyaki sauce was sweet, syrupy and little bit tangy, great!
I need not to say anything about the Miso soup and Chawanmushi cause they will never worth a yuck.

Next, was the Saba and Soft Shell Crab Gozen, which baby octopus, Chawanmushi, Miso soup and rice were served along.
Gozen, in the other words, means your highness or your majesty.
I guess this is the kind of food that the Japanese Emperor have everyday, i am envying!
Let's talk about the food.
For the Saba fish which was marinated and underwent a series of deepfrying, the flesh was juicy and the skin tasted even better, crispy and salty.
The cold baby octopus was fine, and i felt that it was like a salad, topped with sweet dressings.
Regarding the soft shell crab, i was a little disappointed, as it was not even crispy and it was covered by a thick layer of flour.
There was only a small amount of flesh and the worst is, the crab was not warm.
Tao Cuisine serves 10 times better soft shell crab than Sakae's.

That meal really satisfied us and with vouchers won from Foodtok, we managed to get a 8 bucks rebate from total bill.
That added a delight on top of our delight.
To improve our digestions, we had a little walk around the mall and had a great vain session!

Hmm, the Gurney lower ground floor food court was officially opened.
My wife² and i fell for the aroma of the waffles there.
Therefore, we bought one cappuccino flavoured and kiwi flavoured to be carried to the lovely beach for high tea.
I personally found that the kiwi jam was way too sweet but the cappuccino paste was superbly savory.
So far, this is the only waffle stall which sells cappuccino flavour that i have found.

My wife² and i enjoyed a photography session at the blissful beach.

Apparently, my wife² and i may had a plain second anniversary celebration but today was fulled of joyful moments.
And these moments are responsible in adding protective layers to the bond between us, making it more invincible althought it already is.
Besides, they may function as a lamp, which enlightens our future.
A two-years-old relationship is not desicive enough and i want it to be more than 50-years-old.
Wishing ourselves all the best!
This blog lives, as long as our relationship lives!

Your love is always the best refreshment throughout my life.