Saturday, May 22, 2010

When We're Fifteen.

Hmm, yup, this blog post is all about flashing back.
But, just to yesterday and not 3 years ago.
The 'fifteen' is in terms of months, it means that we have been together for exactly 15 months.
Time is armed with a pair of wings, it flies.
In instant, we have been bonded for approximately 453 days if i did not do the maths incorrectly.
Congratulations to my wife² and myself, haha.

Well, is there any celebration?
Of course, we celebrate our every monthly anniversary all the time.
But for this 15th month anniversary's celebration, it was a special one.
We did not eat much today, as we spent a lot of money on shopping.
Let me introduce you all to our 453th day.

Hmm, my wife² and i woke up with a good and happy mood.
After getting myself prepared, unfortunately, it started to rain.
The raindrops kept coming down with a very high frequency.
In other words, it was a heavy rain.
Aikss, what can i do? Sitting there quietly, begging for the rain to stop.

Thank God, it stopped and the blue sky cleared up after the shower.
I felt the adrenaline and quickly, i jumped on my bike and sped off to meet my wife

After short hours of waiting, we have finally met.
My wife
² was wearing the new shirt which i bought her for the 15th month anniversary.

Oh God, we were starving and later we full-filled our stomach with Dim Sum.
We had never have Dim Sum after we were in college.
Thumbs up!

Yam Cha with my wife², enjoyed it.

What are our best pastime? No doubt, it is shopping and we are movie freaks!
We went to Gurney Plaza and enjoyed the movie which the main character looks like me.
Haha, it was the Shrek Forever After.
A hilarious movie, bringing the messages of appreciation and family love.
The Shrek family is just like ours, sweet and cute.

Just after the movie finished, the shopping spree began!
We lofted around until our legs are so pain and we are so bored of the mall.
Our 'effort' resulted in a positive way for our own, and negative way for our economy status.
My wife
² bought me a FIFA World Cup tee while she too, bought herself some cosmetic products after a discount of 50%.
I, who is always not 'faithful' with shirts that i want, finally found an ideal formal/casual long sleeves shirt for myself.
My wife
² said i look great on that, i wonder is that true or not, blek.
She was so keen on a pink and white stripes cardigan, but it was priced at 150 bucks, sad for her.

Vain times.


Haiz, we were intending to try out the newly opened Chicago Rib House.
Due to economic problems, we made up our mind and decided to try it next time.
As we were so tired and so bored, we called it a happy day.

I truly believe that our bond will last forever.
Anyway, our bond doesn't need much effort to conserve it.
We are happy all the time and we live our very own sweet life.
As long as there is my wife
², there is me.
We are one.
Take a look at the top of my blog.
We shared a heart.
One heart, one love, one world!

Lastly, a happy 15-month birthday to our relationship!
And, dear, you are every woman in the world to me.
You are my, only one.

I Swear..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Full of The Joys of Spring.

I love my life and i do live my life well.
It seems that my life has string of joyful events.
Let me recall back what my wife², my family and i have celebrated last week.
Erm, if i am not mistaken, it was the Mother's day.
And, tomorrow is my parents' 23th wedding anniversary but we decided to celebrate it today due to convenience.
Wow, in a blink of an eye, it was the 16th of May, 6 more days to go to a special and meaningful day for my wife² and i.
Of course, we are awaiting!

I don't understand why whenever there is a happy event, eating is part of the celebration.
Maybe i am starting a poll right here.
Do we eat to live or live to eat??

How my family celebrated the anniversary? Makan again lo.
In the evening, we went to the famous Hao You (好友) restaurant, located at Teluk Kumbar for seafood dinner.

Today's main characters, sweet-nya!

My brother, with his newly bought Nikon D3000.

My wife², making a face along with her mini coconut.

Arrogant style of eating Satay.

Beautiful sunset and warm sand even made the seafood and the atmosphere better.

Nothing much to comment on the food, as there were many dishes.
Please don't refer to the pictures below if you are starving.

Seafood birthday mee. They added too much pepper.

I have no idea what it is called.

Steamed alcoholic lala (clam), unique, thumbs up!

Deep fried squid, quite nice.

Satay, good in quality but not quantity.

Lastly, baked crabs, crowned among all the seafood.

Eating makes people happy.
This statement is the source of obesity, i guess.
Well, my wife² and i are awaiting for this Saturday.
But still, we are planning the activities for the day.
Although it is almost one week from now, but i am pretty sure that we both will enjoy our day.
Why? Cause love is on the air!

Live & Don't Stop Eating!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day.

Yesterday was the mother's day, a day to honour mothers and motherhood.
It is like a public holiday for the mothers and it is their day.
Of course, that did apply to my mother, who is always a good mother.

Well, early in the morning, my wife and i went to Prangin Mall for the movie, Ip Man 2.
Thanks to one of our friends for helping us to get couple seats tickets and popcorn with just 10 bucks.
The movie is fantastic.
Can you imagine that? A Kung Fu action film with hilarious scenes and funny names.
I personally like the fighting scenes, especially Ip Man versus the Twister, what a silly name.

My wife and i then walked around the mall.
Suddenly, the shops there all closed their door and the workers ran here and there.
Oh, there was a small earthquake in Penang, caused by a 7.4Mw earthquake that stroke at Sumatra.
I believed this caused us to stuck in traffic jam at the spiral car park.
I have never met this kind of jam at a spiral style multi story car park before.
Oh ya, i have totally forgotten about it.
Before we left the mall, we bought some cute cupcakes for our respective mother.
Unfortunately, my wife's effort resulted in failure and criticism, how poor.

Guess what? It was dinner time!
And, my wife and i were going to Teluk Kumbar along with my parents and my bro for seafood dinner.
My family used to visit this restaurant frequently last time as the food there is cheap and delicious.

Caught on camera, the happy couple!

I love the sunset at Teluk Kumbar, like vanilla twilight huh?

Today was a happy for all of us, especially my mother.
She have done so many things for my family and i.
My mom is the greatest mom ever!

Thanks for being a wonderful mother, Mom!