Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dull, But Precious.

Organic chemistry, Algebraic expressions, superposition etc.
Those are the topics which i am working hard on them.
My life is so hectic, so busy now, so do my wife²'s.
Our daily activities - get up, go to class, come back home, revise homework and sleep.
That consequences in my delay in blogging.

Pop! We have been together for exactly 17 months today.
So far so good, cheers!
I have to thank my wife² for her effort in maintaining this relationship and mine too.
A big thank you to my sweet girl and myself.

Well, it was a very special and meaningful day for both of us.
Without hesitation, we splashed out some time to celebrate the day.
The celebration was delayed to this Saturday.
Unfortunately, we did have class on that beautiful day.

After 2 hours of freezing inside the lecture room, my wife² and rushed to Queensbay mall.
Oh Gosh, i have never been in a shopping mall for a long long time and it felt superb!
We did bought each other presents and sang our throats out in Neway Karaoke.
A white long synthetic leather purse for my wife² and a pair of casual shoes for myself.
What a greedy wife² i have, i still owe her something, a pair of flats.

My wife² and i joined my family for dinner at Tanjung Bungah.
Tasted well and price was definitely okay!

That was all for our 17th mensiversary.
Haiz, it was not a very happy one, compared with the previous ones as we were stressed.
I do believe our hard work will pay off someday.
Just like our love, for sure, it will be fruitful.

It Comes Naturally, When You're With Me.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mamma Mia's Night.

'Woah' is all i can say.
Now, my college life is really hectic, is really blasting me off.
My everyday is packed with lessons, even my precious Saturday.
Besides, i have to master what i have learnt, that eats a lot of time.
That explains why my blog is not updated for days or even weeks.

Exactly a week ago, was my mom's big day, her birthday.
My dad surprised her with gifts, like cell phone and skin cares whilst my wife² and i bought her a hand phone strap with her name on it.
I can see a big smile on my mom's face, she was delighted.
Wishing my lovely mother a very Happy Birthday!

At night, we went to Coconut Palms restaurant which is highly rated.
Of course, my wife² was invited.
Blah blah blah, i am lazy enough to review the food.
You be the judge. The dishes below cost us 90 bucks, FML!

A week after my mom's birthday, my bro came back and once again, makan!
We have chosen Chicago Rib House instead of Ingolf's Kneipe German Restaurant.
Hmm, and you got it right, my wife² followed along.
FML for another time!
The ribs tasted ordinary and were really expensive and little in quantity.
Supper was the first thing that come to our mind, haha.

I Mamma Mia!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cloudy With a Chance of Football!

Here it is, the grand finale and the world stands as one.
It is Spain against Netherland.
The La Furia Roja is looking forward to utilise their midfield mastery.
While, the Oranje will still stick to set pieces, and will bank on Sneijder and Robben.
People do believe that RVP will shine, but i have faith in the defensive titans of Spain.
Spain is my bet, and Octopus Paul's too!

Viva Espana!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hi-N-Bye, Chockie.

It was a sad or happy day, i have no idea.
Today, my wife² and i gave the cute chocolate puppy to someone who looks promising in taking care of him.
Well, you may not know what the story is as i did not write about that.

Let's flashback to the 30th of June, 4 days ago.
My wife² and i were spending our time, playing badminton at Youth Park.
At this instance, a super cute puppy came running to us, he was starving.
Hmm, he was estimated to be just around 2 or 3 months.
After a few discussions, my wife² finally decided to bring him home whilst i bore the responsibility to seek for an adopter.
He was given the name Chockie by both of us.

Although we have not spent much time with this hyper and frisky puppy, but we did really mix well with Chockie.
With his cutiness and intelligence, an idea of keeping him as pet came out in my wife²'s mind.
At the same time, a kind lady turned up and wanted to adopt Chockie.
Conflict happened.
My wife² was much in dilemma, whether to stick with her plan or to give Chockie to the lady.

This continued for two days until my wife² and i brought Chockie to the Gurney Drive.
While we were sitting by the drive and the sea wind kept blowing, she made up her mind, that is to go against her plan.
With too many uncertainties in reaching her plan and to give Chockie a better environment, she made this decision, which will make both of us miss him very very much.

Now, he is gone.
I am so glad that the lady and her family take really good care of Chockie.
College reopens and my wife² and i will be working harder on our studies.
What to do at this coming weekend?
No doubt, visiting Chockie!

Farewell, Lil' Choco Pup!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Sushi Day.

Well, it has been a long time since i made some cacat Sushi for my wife² on her birthday.
Long long time ago, we both have made promise that someday, we would make Sushi together.
And, this promise is finally fulfilled.

After getting the fresh ingredients prepared, we started our Sushi making game.
We both had a fun time, as different sizes, shapes of Sushi were produced.
Mine, Picasso's style, may be peculiar, may be funny or may be weird.
My wife² was an expert, shaping the Sushi really well.

The pictures below summarised our joyful day.

Fresh ingredients, checked!

Sushi making, in progress.

The difference between my California Roll and my wife²'s.


Time for fun, time for joy.

Sushi, A Catalyst for Our Love.