Tuesday, June 22, 2010

16th Mensiversary.

ensiversary came from the Latin word, 'mensis' which means month.
I found this online and i find it more appropriate to be used rather than 16 month anniversary or whatsoever.
So fast, today was our special day, once in a month.
Let me do the maths, and my wife² and i have been together for 1 year and 4 months.
Congratulations to ourselves.

What were the celebrations?
Oh, we sang our throats out.
We went to Neway to have our lunch and of course, Karaoke.
My wife² and i did sing for 3 hours, non-stop.
That was a challenge to both of us but we did really enjoy the time there.

A black and white striped dress caught my wife²'s attention and mine too.
I insisted her to try it on and woah, it looked great on her.
As conclusion, i bought her the dress for this special day.
Oh ya, there was another present for her, a bag organizer.

My wife² with her new dress.

After reading some reviews on the Net, we had steamboat for dinner at the Spicy Girl (辣妹子)Restaurant.
Just like what we have read, the 老鸭汤 is really awesome.
The price was all right, not cheap and not expensive.

We called it a day with our excessively fulfilled stomach.
My wife² and i both know that we have thousands of mensiversary are waiting for us.
Waka waka!

Sturdy as a rock, we hold.
Earthquakes can't shake us.
Cyclones can't break us.
Hurricanes can't take away our love.
I U.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Expanding Family Tree.

Jeez, so fast, i have spent part of my holiday gaming, wandering etc.
Penang is so small and i have no where to go, i am bored with Gurney and Queensbay.
Of course, i blacklist Prangin.

Well, last few days ago, i was astonished that my cousin, Keith is on his way to Penang.
Wow, he drove by himself here and only with his beloved.
How much i envy them, i could never stand a chance like this.

At least, his arrival gave me something interesting to deal with.
My wife² and i went to Kek Lok Si temple along with the happy couple and few of my cousins.
The effect of global warming was very obvious, it was killing me.
We made our way to the top of the temple.
My wife² and i did write our wishes on pieces of ribbon and hung them on the wishing tree.
Oopsie daisy! I gave 2 bucks to a man who i thought he is the person in charge, but actually he was a tourist, how shameful.

The next stop, Bat Cave Temple, which is in vicinity.
Scary and dark bats were hanging upside down everywhere, horrifying.

The next day, we both couple went to Gurney Plaza for Toy Story 3.
You know that Pixar never let us down.
Their movies are so awesome.
Are we saying goodbye to Woody and Buzz?
My wife² and i were so unlucky.
We were intending to have our dinner at the Chicago Rib House but it was fully booked.
Fine, plan B, the newly opened Dragon-i!
Unsatisfying and i prefer Chicago Rib House, cheaper and nicer!

Here came the Father's Day.
And, it was the time we say goodbye to Keith and his other half.
My another cousin's boyfriend was also present in the farewell.
Nowadays, it seems that all teens are in a relationship, or more.

Haiz, my holiday was restored to its default mode.
My wife² joined my family in the celebration for the papa's day, we were having pizzas.

From tomorrow onwards, i have got to be serious.
Lesser play time.
And, I shall have determination.

I'll Love You, to Infinity & Beyond.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Breaking Free.

Finally, our semester examination ended horribly.
I could hear that everyone is complaining, of course, including me.

Who cares, it is holiday now!
Well, this holiday could be a little bit different from the past ones.
My wife² and i decided to capitalise on this opportunity for our studies.
But of course, there are times to play, shopping and mainly, eating.

Hmm, although it is just the start of my holiday, but my tummy have grown bigger.
Jeez, it is the truth of live, you pay for what you get.
You eat more, you are 'unhealthier', in other words, you stand higher chance to be obese.

After the bad ones, there come the good ones.
Example, a rainbow, just like what i have snapped down with my phone.

Yesterday, my family and i welcomed my brother's return with a special meal.
We had our meal at an extraordinary coffee shop, as it is a 'swampside Kopitiam', located at the famous Tan Jetty.
Be careful with your steps when you are there.

Nice view from Tan Jetty.

The Kopitiam.

Its famous Siam Laksa. Tasted really good!

Deep-fried vegetables and mushrooms.

Fisk cakes.

Claypot Dang-Hun (in Hokkien).

One of the best Thai delicacies, Tom Yam.

I am just reviewing this coffee shop, not recommending it to you all.
This meal cost us 99 bucks, damn expensive!
If you insist to try, better fulfill your wallet before you do so.

Okay, i am starting my another chapter of my eating spree now.

Today, my wife² and i did some window shopping which we haven't done that for quite some time.
We felt so happy, looking around and of course, eating this and that.
Finally, we have done what we always wanted to do, that is try out the newly opened restaurant, Chicago Rib House, at Gurney Plaza.
Of course, fish was for my wife² and pork was for me.
Why i did not choose pork or beef ribs?
Dude, I am broke, but will definitely try them out next time.


I got myself armed with fork and knife!

My wife² with her bottomless cranberry juice.

Soup of the day, potato soup. Undiluted!

I totally forgotten its name, something like Swiss Pork Burger or whatever, recommended by the waitress.
The main point was on the pork.
It was well-grilled, crispy on the outside, soft in the inside.
Pricing at around 19 bucks, awesome!

Well, we cared about tastiness but not names.
This was grilled blackened catch or whatsoever.
I highly recommend this to you, heavenly good.
It is so much better than those in Manhattan Fish Market.
Pricing is reasonable, around 20 bucks.
Definitely worth for a try.

Finally, here came the dessert.
A flat, baked square of chocolate cookie, which had a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some hot chocolate toppings topped on it has been served.
Guess what? It cost 6.90 bucks, excluding taxes.
You can't get such a delicious and sweet brownie at this price at restaurants like this.
Thumbs up!

I'm in Love with Chicago Rib House!