Friday, January 29, 2010


The title says it. You guys should know what is that, am i correct?
It is the Tiger Woohoo aka 大日子, a local production movie, starring MY FM DJ's and Astro local anchormen, anchor persons.

Well, i have just watched it, of course with my wife².
At the beginning, we had made up our mind that it wont be a good movie as it is a local film.
Apparently, we were wrong, absolutely wrong.
It was such a dramatic and funny film, presenting a few good messages, like filiality and persistency to the audiences.
And of course the film showed us about our local culture, tiger dance (舞虎). I, as a Malaysian, i did not even know its existence until i have watched the show.
Thumbs up for the movie!
I saw a brighter future for our local film industry, no doubt?

Before woohoo, we had our lunch at Sushi King and watched The Spy Next Door.
Hmm, quite a hillarious movie but i felt disguting for the old couple, Bob and Gilian.

Wondering what have gone wrong.
The Sushi King service crew were providing lame services today.
And the food was not that delicious compared to the old times.
The Takoyaki were fine!

We had a joyful day, spending our whole day at Gurney Plaza.
And, a Happy Thaipusam to my Indian friends, do i have any?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Is It.

"Billie Jean is not my lover. She's just a girl who claims that I am the one... "


"Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It. No One Wants To Be Defeated... "

Well, it kept buzzing around my ears, but i never got bored of it but was loving it instead.
Guess what? Today was the arrival of Michael Jackson's This Is It documentary movie at my shop!
I am a fan of MJ, the King of Pop. Photobucket
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Today, i have lost a colleague but gained new one, who turned to be an acquaintance of mine just now.
It was a good news, i felt like hitting the jackpot to have a companion to talk to when working.
We talked quite a lot. At least i wont feel boring anymore, maybe?

As i stated above, my shop kept playing the movie.
I stood there for hours to watch that movie, although i had watched it in cinema before.
Without my acknowledge, i watched the movie for the third time in my shop.
It was a tremendous movie which composed of breathtaking Michael Jackson dance, superb talents of his principal dancers, special effects for the stage and his charming songs.
Strong recommendation for this movie, from me to you.

But he is gone, just before his concerts which will be held at The O2 arena in London.
It was such a waste.
Those who watched the movie will feel sad, disappointed.
MJ, Michael Jackson really did a hard work for the his concerts.
At age of 50, he was still trying to outdo himself in order to cheer the crowd up.
He was one of the greatest entertainer in history.

Salute to MJ.
Rest in peace and you are not alone.
With the love, L.O.V.E. (memorable quote from Michael Jackson: This Is It)

Friday, January 22, 2010

22/1/10 Minus 22/2/09 Equals to 11 Months.

Time flies.
Time waits for no one.

In a blink of an eye, we have been together for 11 months.
And today was our 11th Month Anniversary.
Well, at least it proved that our relationship is going to be resulted in a positive way, and not a negative way.
We have overcame obstacles, we have shared the goods and bads, highs and lows in these 11 months.
Hmm, i guess i may label our relationship as a "so far so good" relationship.
Although we still have a long journey to walk through, i have faith in our relationship, in my wife² and in myself.
"Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You"

First, i would like to thank my friend who assisted me in making one of the presents. Thanks, buddy!

I saw a sweet smile and a pair of joyful eyes on my wife²'s face when i passed her the presents which i have done them myself nocturnally for the last few days.
I have messed up my room in the process of DIY-ing the presents.
Phew, at least the task was accomplished perfectly.

For your knowledge, the presents were Hello Kitty themed, my wife²'s favourite.
Uh-hum, i am lazy to explain about the gifts, so i would just upload some pictures for them

Gift #1: A Surprise Card.

Gift #2: A Pop-Up, 3D Card.

Gift #3: A Handmade Box with Hello Kitty shows inside.

Gift #4: A cool and rare gadget. We nicknamed it as "Roti Jala".
Pictures are not available, aha!

My wife² sewn a cute little and thoughtful pillow handphone strap for me. I like it very much!
Pictures will be uploaded asap.

Just after the midday, we went to the Hardwicke House.
There were limited choices of food, as we just have to pay for only 21 bucks per pax.
You pay for what you get. With this price, you don't expect more.
Well, there were salad corner, dessert corner and ice cream corner where you may add any sauce of your liking onto your scoops of ice cream.
My wife² made a love shape on our ice cream, hehe.
The surrounding there was not bad, but packed with white-collar workers.
The noises produced by them destroyed the romantic surrounding, pasar-izing the restaurant.

After filled our appetite, we went for a movie, Legion.
Hmm, the movie has a nice plot but honestly, it is such a waste that the movie only lasts for an hour and 40 minutes.
A running time of at least 2 hours is needed for an action film like this.
The movie is not nicely made and not logical.
Why? It is too complicated to be explained. Just go and watch it on Wednesday (cheaper prices).
But, i appreciated one of the quotes in the movie.
"If you wake up tomorrow and find out that today was your last day, will you be proud of what you have done in your past life? If you are not, you better start to plan your life."
Nice one.

At night, after the movie, we went to the pasar malam, Jelutong.
We did not stay for long as there was really too crowded.
However, we enjoyed some appetizers. The replica shark fin soup and deep-fried potatoes were fine.
Recommending them to you!

We called it a day.
We are not satisfied with just celebrating our 11th month anniversary.
And, we are looking forward to celebrate our wedding anniversaries, golden wedding anniversary and more.
I deeply believe that we will and we are going to make it.
Yes, for now, i am just visualizing.
But i am pretty sure that it will turn to reality.

Watch it, you will be the witness!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Not-So-Friendly Nature.

The nature provides us all the things that are essential to us.
We build, we consume, we use the resources supplied by the nature in our daily lives.

When there is light, there is shadow, there is darkness.
This is the fact that we cannot deny.
Although lots of benefits can be derived from the nature, but it may harm us, in catastrophic ways.
No one and nothing could stop that.

Today, i am writing this article with all of my heart, for my followers, my friends and whoever.

I guess, everyone knows what had happened yesterday morning and few days ago right?

Few days ago, a deadly earthquake of magnitude 7 struck the capital of Haiti. Buildings were collapsing, people were crying and yet the disaster did not stop, leaving no mercy. A series of aftershocks was still striking, bringing the death toll to around two hundred thousand people. The Haitians were left homeless, some of them even lost their body parts and their families. The heart of Haiti was fulled of dead bodies. Who ever thought that an earthquake will rock a country who had not been hit by an earthquake for almost 200 years?? It was a sudden and powerful disaster, causing a massive loss of life and a great number of injuries.
Not that bad, at least the nations which are in vicinity were there to give the Haitians a hand. The support was so important and so much appreciated by the Haitians. Without the help, the situation could be even worst.

Well, yesterday morning, there was a tragedy, just not far away from my crib.
A teacher, who was a Mr. Nice Guy and 5 students who had promising futures were drowned after a dragon boat mishap. All of them are from Chung Ling High School, my ex-school.
How the incident occurred? A string of strong waves hit the boat with 18 people on board. The boat then became unstable and crashed into a tugboat moored nearby. Hence, it capsized.
12 of them managed to swim to the shore. Unfortunately, the others did not.
It took years of time for them to grow up, but it only took a moment to end their lives.
Even me, an outsider felt sad for the victims, how about their parents? I saw the pictures, tears were everywhere on their face, they were crying, screaming and praying. Anyone who saw that could burst in tears, feel sympathy and know how much a mom and dad love their children.

Anyone of the victims shall be remembered, the warriors who tried hard to conserve our Chinese tradition, Dragon Boat.
Fellows, you are always the pride of Chung Ling and Chinese.
You are not dead, you live in our heart, our memories.
Don't worry, you are not going to places where you will suffer.
You are going to somewhere you belong, somewhere perfect, the Heaven.
Rest in peace, lads.

Guys, please appreciate your life.
If you have a life, live your life well, make it colourful.
There is no Take Two in your life.