Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Moon Represents My Heart.

You ask me how deeply I love you,how much I love you?
My heart is true,my love is true.
The Moon Represents My Heart.
OMG, the English version is so awful. 
Let's stick to the original version!


Now that is so much better.
Wow, what a coincidence.
Today was the mid-autumn festival and guess what, our 19th mensiversary fell on
the same day!
People do say that 月圆人团圆, but that doesn't apply on my wife
² and i.
We are one wherever, whenever we are.
Just as what you see on the top of my blog, we have a united heart!

I refused to carry any lantern and walk around his year.
Gosh, i've done that last year with a Hamtaro lantern along Gurney drive and
everybody kept looking at me, thinking that i am mad.
Instead, my wife
² and i spent 3 hours for our lecture classes and the rest of the day
at Queensbay mall.
We had our lunch at Kim Gary and the food was delicious, out of our expectation.
I mean, the food there wasn't really good all the time, minus today.

There wasn't much celebrations for the mid-autumn festival and our mensiversary
as we were burning a hole in our own pockets.
Of course, the tradition won't be forgotten.
My wife
² asked me with a pair of peevish eyes, 'any present for me, dear?'
Absofuckinglutely, i replied.
No present on such happy day? You must be kidding, that ain't gonna happen!
I saw a smile on my wife
² face all the day.
You know what? That was a fantastic present for me.
I bought her a blingy Hello Kitty bag hanger, Ung GuGu and shared the cost for
her new dress.
She adores them so much, especially that white bear!

Wow, time travels with velocity exceeding the speed of light.
My wife² and i are awaiting for more mensiversaries and anniversaries and other
Of course, we must celebrate them!

Dear, remember the radio advertisement, three words that could change your life?
I have my life in those 3 particular words, and you know what are them.
But, i am saying it to you as long as i live, I love you!

There are never enough I Love You's!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Damn those adorable puppies.
Creating so much problems for us.
Thought that we have found a new home for them.
But, they were determined to find a way to come back home.
Kept crying all night long until they were sent back.
Still carrying a smile on their faces when they were home.
Now, the notorious gang is back, 7 little dwarfs.
Help us, help them!

Troublesome Little Creatures!