Friday, October 22, 2010

♥ ²ºᵀᴴ ♥

Woah, in a blink of an eye and it was now again the 22th.
Hmm, that is our mensiversary and today was the 20th one.
Let me do the maths.
Yup, we've been together for exactly 1 and ⅔ years, that is quite impressive.
But it felt like just 6 months.
There is no sense of time, with you and i!

Luckily, we did not have any class today but the celebration was just a plain one.
My wife² and i were just having lunch together and did some shopping today.
Although we did nothing much, nothing special today, but we were very happy.
No matter what we do, as long as we are together, i am happy.

We had our lunch at our favourite restaurant, Chicago Rib House which serves quality food.
Get prepared, the pictures below are surely temptations for you.
The soup of the day, beef soup!

My wife²'s all time favourite, Grilled Blackened Catch.

My chicken cheese with bacon burger.

Finally, the dessert, Brownie.

After fulfilling your stomach, don't laze around, or else you will be getting more prosperous.
My wife² and i did some light exercise, walking around Gurney plaza.
Surely, you are asking "there is no present, isn't it?"
I've told you, there won't be absence of present whenever there is any celebration.

I bought my wife² a beach halter top as we are traveling to Langkawi this December.
And, she received another present from me, a gophers smashing game device which is very portable.
This little cute device is to let my wife² relax whenever she is tired or bored.
See how much i love you, dear!
I really hope you will enjoy the game.

Well, that was all for our 20th mensiversary.
It was quite a short and simple day, but we really appreciate it.
Hmm, how i wish our examination ends as soon as possible.
And then, we really can enjoy ourselves.
We will be going beyond the island!

When You're With Me, Baby The Skies'll be blue, for All My Life.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gaudy as a Butterfly.

Butterflies are insects that have a sucking mouthpart, slender body, rope like, knobbed antennae, and four broad, usually brightly colored wings.
They play a role in adding colours to this planet, beautifying the world.
Of course, you better don't have butterflies in your stomach when you are sitting for your exam.

The day after sitting for our maths paper, my wife² and i traveled long way down to Teluk Bahang, to pay Penang Butterfly Farm a visit.
Wow, we've never been there for ages.
I went there when i was still a kid and that time, i was damn afraid of the butterflies.
But this time, i did really enjoy myself watching them flying here and there.

It was a sizzling hot day.
That was alright, as we had a fantastic time at the farm.
There are not only butterflies, but also very viewtiful Mandarin duck, beetles, huge fishes etc.
Well, let me introduce you to the farm residents!

The wonderful metamorphosis, starting with tiny little freaking caterpillars.

And then, the caterpillar is turning into a cocoon.

Miracle happens, it turns into a colourful butterfly. Something similar to the Ugly Ducking story.

It's show time! Let me present you the very best collection of my wife²'s snapshots of the day. Enjoy.

A Hibiscus with a red butterfly? What a match!

It seems like butterflies are very vain too.

A beauty PK match?

WTF are they doing?? Mating la, of course.

The art of camouflage.

The other non-insect residents, Mandarin ducks.

The eldest among all, horseshoe crab and alligator snapping turtle.

Scorpions and fluorescent scorpions.

Rare horned frogs.

By the way, there are a lot of geckos there, monitor lizard, beetles, tarantulas, giant millipedes etc.
But, i am too lazy to post the pics up, sorry fellows.
Besides, we did buy ourselves souvenirs.
We are absolutely satisfied by the experience we've gained and the price we've paid.
You should go and check it out, the nature's beauty.
And, please, save the earth too!

True Colours!