Thursday, July 14, 2011

KL Trip - 4th Day

Haikss, time flies and now we just spent our very last night at the heart of KL.
Therefore, my wife and i woke up early in the morning, got ourselves prepared and went to Mid Mid Valley Mall to utilise the remaining time we got.
The best thing is that we tried out the breakfast sets which were priced at RM9.90 each offered by DELIcious.
They turned out to be superbly amazing and a month later, DELIcious Penang finally launched the breakfast menu.

We then had a little walk around the city before going for Froyo at Spoon and our lunch at Taiwan Recipe.

The journey to LCCT was a pretty rush one.
Guess what? The moment we arrived at Mid Valley monorail station, the train had just departed.
My wife and i ended up spending around 20 minutes waiting for the next one.
We got on a train, praying that we would arrive at our destination before our plane's gate closing time.
However, we made it and we kissed KL goodbye. =(

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

KL Trip - 3rd Day

My wife and i travelled a long distance from our hotel to Ampang just for the local delicacy, Yong Tau Foo.
The Yong Tau Foo there is completely different from Penang one and of course, it is awesome!
We had our breakfast at Fong Fong Yong Tau Fu, one of the most famous local Yong Tau Foo sellers.
I adored everything on the plate especially the deep fried dumplings and Fu Chuk.
The Yong Tau Foo was charged at RM0.90 per piece.

After such promising meal, we took a cab to KLCC and spent hours spectating aqua life at the Aquaria KLCC.
The entrance fee cost each of us RM35 which was really worth it as we got to see marine creatures ranging from tiny ones to big ones or even rare ones.

My wife and i then had a pity lunch at KLCC and did some window shopping before eventually going back to our hotel to get ourselves recharged.
What a coincidence, we bumped into the latest SK-II ambassador, Tang Wei who was attending a SK-II programme.
We went through a gluttony night.
Guess what? We bought Big Apple donuts, ice cream, Sushis and pretzel back to our hotel just an hour after having our delicious dinner at Ko Hyang which serves excellent Korean food.
We ate so much just becuase we are going home the next day, we were loath to leave KL where we had lots of enjoyable moment.