Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Stressful 32nd Mensiversary.

Time flies so fast that it was now our 32nd mensiversary!
Unfortunately, as my wife had an extremely tight exam schedule and i was working from 10 to 7, we could not even has the auspicious event celebrated properly.
I usually have an hour break on weekends and that was when my wife and i celebrated this mensiversary.
We eventually went to Paddington House of Pancakes to have pancakes for lunch.
Out of our expectation, the pancakes were quite big in portion and we got bored after just eating part of them.

My wife even prepared me a gift - Pong Pong, a totally black round creature from the Dooodolls series.
We have been toying with the toy whenever we see him at Parkson.
Well, Pong Pong is the name we gave him, he is actually known as Charco and he could produce flame with of a snap of his fingers whenever he is mad but does he have any?
That sounds scary but he is still so adorable!
Oh ya, he does share the same horoscope with me - Sagittarius.

Next, it was my turn to present my wife her present in which i have secretly placed it behind her back so that she could feel it when she leans back.
Inside the box was a piece of card fulled of my terrible handwriting, a few Zebra pen refills as well as a Pilot Dr. Grip 4 +1 pen or pencil you name it.
For you information, the multi pen Dr. Grip consists of 4 ballpoint pens of different colours: blue, black, red, green and also features mechanical pencil function.
To make it a far more special, meaningful gift, i have requested the sale person to engrave a 'Michelle 32' on it.
It is to remind her that i am always by her side even though i can't exactly accompany her to the exam venue, when she is having exam.

Aikss, so fast, it was the end of my lunch break.
My wife and i eventually parted ways as i needed to get back to work while she needed to study.
In the evening, at 7, here we were again and we were enjoying our dinner at Swensen's, Gurney Plaza, a restaurant we used to patronize, not since i start to work.
A simple meal which comprised of Clam Chowder in Bread Bowl, Spaghetti Aglio Olio and Chicken Baked Rice was enough to fulfill our stomach.
After doing some window shopping, i sent my wife home before doing the same thing to myself.

It might be a pretty stressful mensiversary but in the end, we turned up to be very delighted.
Let's hope my wife can have a breakthrough or at least learn how to stand up when she falls.