Monday, April 18, 2011

Michelle's 19th Birthday.

First of all, a very happy birthday to my wife²!
And, i apologize for not updating this blog for almost a month time as i am busy with my studies and there is no any special event among us.
Today was my wife²'s big day, it was her 19th birthday.
However, her troop of friends have pre-celebrated her special day a day ago.
For your information, i was a part of it.
My wife²'s friends have eliminated other choices of venue and the last one left was Gurney Plaza.
Why Gurney Plaza? Cause there was something really big going on there.
Aikss, i kept mentioning them but i did not even introduce them.
They were Jun Sze, Lai Cheng and Yu Wen.
My wife² and i have first met up with three of them and we have selected Chicago Rib House for my wife²'s 19-years-old-going ceremony.

We even had our lunch here.
This was when another friend of hers, Ming Li joined us.
Besides, although it was a day before my wife²'s birthday, she was still given a Brownie dessert for free.

Wow, seriously, not only my wife² but i was also surprised.
Seems like her friends have 'interconnected' with the service crew.
Suddenly, the birthday song was sang by the waiter and waitress as they slowly approached our table with a cake on their hands.
My wife² was like stunned for a few seconds there.
Moving on, she made three wishes, how greedy was her!
Blowing the candles out and she created the very first wound of the cake with the plastic knife.
Finally, Ming Li made her first appearance in one of the pictures below!

After the celebration, all of us went to the ground floor of the new wing.
The place was totally cramped as the shining superstar, 丁噹 was there.
She was having a concert and autograph signing session there.
We were glad to spectator her tremendous performance live and untuned.
Out of expectation, yesterday was also her birthday, what a coincidence.
The Gurney Plaza representatives went up and presented her a birthday.
In the mean time, the crowd sang the birthday anthem and the idol broke down in tears in no time.
With only performing a few songs, she then started the autograph signing session.
My wife² and i later went back to get some rest for her second wave of celebration.

The night has been a short one.
And now, it was 18th, the birthday of my wife²'s.
I fetched her and intended to bring her to Pizza Hut for the promotional stuffs.
However, we ended up in consuming in the regular set pizza.

We had a super satisfying meal.
Next stop, Straits Quay which is located only a few kilometres from the Pizza Hut.
Are those wheels of luck??

My wife² and i spotted a newly opened bakery and we grabbed ourselves a blueberry muffin.
Unfortunately, camera is not allowed in the bakery.
In addition, the muffin was simply fantabulous!
We ate the muffin while we were at Starbucks, enjoying our cup of coffee.

My wife² was truly excited to unveil her birthday gifts.
Hence, we got back to my crib.
In order to get the surprises ready, i blindfolded her.

'Okay, you may take the clothe off your eyes now', i told her.
Let's take a look at her facial expression!

My wife² was completely amazed.
She then added, 'when i open my eyes, i was like in a fairyland. Those toys were shaking from left to right!'
Let's see what have we got here.
Her presents included dancing Rilakkuma toys, Rilakkuma keychains, Rilakkuma notepads, imported Rilakkuma biscuits, a miniature clay birthday cake and a 100% handmade pop out 3D birthday card.
Well, i spent 2 nights to get the card done.

Finally, my wife² started to calm down but i hit her with a succesive surprise.
All of a sudden, two Rilakkuma toys walked out of no where.
Yeah, i did not lie, they were walking!
Judging from the pictures below, she nearly cried.

We were supposed to have our dinner at 7pm.
But, we got out earlier.
Therefore, we went to the Queensbay seaside, for a presents photographing session, how adorable!
Gifts from Yu Wen and Ming Li were my very first specimens, followed by the presents that i have bought or made for my wife².


It was time now.
My wife² and i immediately departed to Eastin Hotel.
We were going to have semi buffet dinner.
I am not going to post much pictures of the food here.
If you wanna view them, please kindly click here!