Sunday, April 25, 2010

It is Grand.

Yup, something grand really happened on this Sunday.
It is just grand and it is for grand one.
But first, let me share what my wife² and i have done in the Saturday.
Remember? We were delaying our celebration for our 14th month anniversary to the 24th.

My wife² and i went for a movie at the midday.
The movie was supposed to be Toy Story, but so unfortunately, the room was full.
She then told me that quite a number of people reviewed that the local movie, Ice Kacang Puppy Love was awesome.
Hence, we watched it.
It resulted in disappointment. The progress of the movie is nice, but the ending just make the entire movie pointless.
24 bucks, wasted!!

My wife² and i stepped out of the cinema.
What the..?? We saw the film stars who played in the movie, having an autograph session.
The Ice Kacang Puppy Love poster was the only item allowed to be autographed.
I have snapped down a few pictures of them, for fun and not because i siao them!

Of course, we would not go back empty-handed.
My wife² did try this and that and i bought her a Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt after a discount of 70%, haha.
For me, there was no shirt that catch my eyes and heart but a backpack.
With no hesitation, i purchased the black backpack.

That was all for the day.
It is time for me to share with you, the 'grand' thing.
Is everything that has a 'grand' in its name really grand?
Try to think of your grandmother or grandfather or grandchildren if you have one.
Are they grand? No? But my wife²'s grandmother did!
Today was her birthday and she was turning 70 today.
Aikss, almost forgot about it. Happy birthday, grandma!

Of course, she invited me to her really grand celebration.
You all surely will be surprised, there were roughly 130 people that night.
The celebration was held at Wonderland, located at the 11th floor of KOMTAR.
I bought a hamper, consists of 12 bottles of chicken essence as her birthday present.

Honestly, i was very happy to be invited but the celebration was just like old people's party.
The stage was like the dance floor for the old men and women. They sang oldies and danced on it.

Even my wife²'s mother and tonight's main character gave out their best tonight, dancing and singing.

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday.....", played the birthday song.
It was the cake cutting ceremony and the family members went up the stage.
Below is the picture of the ceremony, my wife² is the first from left, the front one.

The party lasted for around 2 hours.
I drove my wife² home just like how i fetched my wife² from her house to here.
It was the first time that i be my wife²'s driver with my family's car.
It felt so sweet!
I believe there are more chances.
Love and sweet never die!

Below are some snapshots of the day, enjoy.

Old is Gold?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


First of all, please do allow me to make some clarifications.
Although the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is just around the corner, but i still don't have the world cup fever yet.
Guys, please don't misunderstand my blog post title. It is not a typo.
What i am meaning is not a football strategy but an important date to my wife² and i.

Today, 22th of April was our 14th month anniversary and it was exactly a month since i have joined INTI.
It took us 14 months but it just felt like 14 hours.
Every single moment that i have shared with my wife² was fun, fantastic and fast.
However, my wife² and i did not have the time to celebrate it today but at least, we were by each other's sides for this special day.
We were looking forward to celebrate our 14th month anniversary on this Saturday.

I am always a man of my words.
In the morning, i prepared "my-very-own-special" fried noodles for my wife² just like what i have promised her.
Hmm, for someone who sucks in gastronomy like me, cooking is always a challenge.
Luckily, the noodles tasted well, thanks to the critical mistake.
The poor thing is that i did not buy any present for my wife².
I will be buying it on this Saturday!

Just take a look at the girls around me.
You are the odd one out. You are the best.
That's why, i love you.
And, i will spend my lifetime loving you.

I am Happy, as Long as You Are.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this title?
Pornography? Violence? Legacy to smoke or Room 18 Cyber Cafe?
Paiseh, I don't write restricted stuffs in my blog.

Today, my wife² turned eighteen.
In the other words, today was her birthday, i am talking rubbish, haha.
Time is just powerful like superman, it got superb fast speed.
Upon this day, my wife² has lived for exactly 18 years.
Recalling my memories, and i remembered that my wife² and i started to wear our sweet couple ring the same day last year.

Blue covered my wife²'s whole week and this is the golden opportunity for me to cheer her up.
In the afternoon, my wife² came my house and my mom cooked all of us really delicious meal, sweet and sour crabs!
But the meal took us quite some time as we were not experts in cracking hard-shell crabs.

Just after fulfilling our appetite, i invited my wife² to my room and asked her to sit down on my bed and look up to the ceiling.
She was pretty amazed by my work. I have made some paper cuttings and stuck them on my room's wall.
Inside the little packet that subtended beside the words was a little Melody doll, with my wife²'s chubby childhood face.
Besides, i still bought my wife² a thermo bag, which is very useful to her.

Of course, we did not want to spend our whole day whole night in my house.
We went out to Queensbay mall, to loft around.
My wife² bought herself a pair of sandals, looks nice and feels nice.
Getting prepared for our next destination! You will get what i mean, just keep reading.

In the evening, we departed from Queensbay mall, traveled along the highway until we reached E-Gate.
Yup, we were having our dinner at Tao's Cuisine.
It has been ages since i last visit this restaurant, it was about 2 or 3 years ago.
And, the eating spree began!
I enjoyed the food there and i have been eating for 2 hours continuously, fantastic !

Hmm, as i always say, time is faster than Cristiano Ronaldo.
We called it a day.
It was a happy and gutty day for us.
And of course, we are looking forward for more!

Dear, a big Happy Birthday to you!
You are now eighteen and you should be more mature, must learn to be determined in studies.
I am always here wherever and whenever you need me.
Don't take it easy, dear. I really mean it.
I will always love you.

My Love to You is Just Like Time. It is Unstoppable.