Monday, March 22, 2010

13th Month Anniversary, at INTI.

Well, well, well.
Finally, my college saga came to an end.
I have finally registered myself in the A-level course, at INTI.
That made my wife² and i are in the same classes everyday, except for Mechanics and Statistics.

Today, i started my classes, of course along with my wife².
And, today was our 13th month anniversary.
A merry and meaningful day for both of us.
Wow, we have been together for so long.
The time just moved forward linearly, unstoppably with a cracking speed.
We did not really celebrated it, we delayed the celebration until this weekends.
I will and i am appreciating our every single moment.
I love you, dear.
You are the perfection of my life.

Hmm, i was wondering why there was so hot, was it because of the weather?
Whatever, i came here to learn, expecting good lecturers.
Between, we bought pencil cases for ourselves, as a gift to each other and a pair of key chain for them.

We both had to get up so early in the morning, got ourselves prepared and departed to our college.
Our classes started from 8am to 3pm, with an hour break time in interval.
During our recess time, we got out with my wife²'s friend to Sunshine Square, for lunch at McDonald's.

Feeling tired and unrefreshed, we finally finished our last class, that was the Chemistry class.
Phew, i have to go to bed earlier tonight.

Guys, yes, although i am not that good in academic, but i will work like a horse.
I desire and i won't give up.
Sorry, it's not an "i", but a "we".

13th month is nothing but a good beginning.
We are awaiting for our golden anniversary or whatsoever.
What is needed to improve a couple's relationship?
It requires determination and effort to make your love one happy.
Determination, effort..checked!

No Sacrifice, No Victory.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

College Saga.

At the beginning, we were talking about NTU or NUS.
After the fair, we were talking about PSDC.
In a blink of an eye, we were talking about UTM.
Looked around Facon Education Fair, we were talking about MMU.

I have a big question mark in my mind, and it is waiting to be confirmed.
If it receives positive reply, then i will go this way.
It's the perfect solution.

The One & Only.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

God's Will.

Birth and old age, sickness and death.
No matter you are a human, or a cat, you will have to go through all this.
This is the truth of life.
You live and you face them.

Baby, are you down, down, down, down, down?
Yes, absolutely, i am down, feeling sad.
In fact, i bet that everyone who saw this scene will feel sympathise and of course sad.

Today, my wife² and i saw a bigger-sized dog with a puppy at vicinity of my wife²'s house.
Well, the puppy lied on the ground and never move, or breath.
We came down from car and checked the puppy out.
Unfortunately, the puppy was already dead.
There was no sign of blood on the ground and we both believed that the puppy is poisoned.
Wondering who the hell did that to the puppy, idiot.

We, including you will never know how the mother(the bigger-sized dog) felt.
She kept wandering around the puppy's body, licking his body.
She just barked at anyone who passed through the puppy, i guess she was protecting her son or calling for help but she did not bark at us.
Maybe my wife² was right, dogs have the senses to detect whether you are good or bad.
Haiz, we were desparate to see that, but we were too late, the puppy was dead.
What can we do was to settle the puppy's body nicely and tidily.

We were so afraid that the mother would attack us if we approach the puppy.
So, we waited for the mother to go away.
Here came our chances.
We packed the cold puppy with a black plastic bag and placed him inside a box quickly.
With no hesitation, we brought that box to an uncultivated land nearby and we left that box there.
Since young, my wife² and her family used to bury her pets' bodies at the land.

The poor mother kept running around, crying, finding her son.
Although we felt sorry for the mother, but what we did is going to assist her in recovering.
We just hope that she will get well soon.
May God bless her.

There is No Escape.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am Hot.

Guys, please don't joke about my blog post title.
In fact, i am really hot, not physically of course.
No matter mathematically, biologically or scientifically, i am really hot, i am burning up.
Well, a number of experiments could be carried out to prove my statement.
The best way is you take a thermometer and measure my degree of hotness.
Then, you will get a positive answer.
Yup, you are absolutely right, i am ill again.

I may count myself a little bit unlucky here.
My parents just came back from Hatyai, Thailand.
Wow, they bought a lot of tasty food, like cashew nuts, groundnuts etc.
Unfortunately, i am banned from those tempatations temporally, how sad.
But, my parents bought a pair of watches for my wife² and i.
The watches are so unique in their exterior design, extraordinary.
My first impression to my watch, "Wow, is this really a timepiece? It is cool and it could be my wrist's best friend".
No doubt, my wife² loves the watch too.
She wore it just 1 second after i handed the watch to her.

Well, time for the bad or good news, i don't know.
My wife² has already registered her name in the A-level course at INTI.
And, she will start to attend her classes on 22th.
Actually, that is not something to feel extremely sad over, as we both are still in this tiny island.
All the best to my wife in her studies, love you always.

Okay guys, my wife² spot checked me and found out that i did not go to bed obediently.
I got to behave like a baby now, nights.

It's Tiring and Weakening, SOS.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mega Builder, Episode 1.

I guess everyone knows that the cells in every living creature divides from 1 to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8 and so on with a incredible high rate.
Erm, i think the poor little kittens are classified as living creatures, aren't them?
What they do everyday? Eat, play and sleep.
Of course, they are now getting bigger in sizes.
My wife² and i have bore the responsibility to take care of them, so we had no choice but to build a simple, warm enclosure for the kittens.
We are not rich, we can't afford to buy them a cage or whatsoever.
All we can do is to give them a comfortable life with limited resources.

Today, my wife² and i woke up earlier than usual.
We both started to build their new home, with card boards, tapes and glue.
Measuring, cutting and sticking were all involved in the process.

Geram sangat, we were busying building their home and the kittens were busying eating, having fun.

After working continuously for 2 hours, we have finally accomplished our mission.
Although the cat house is pretty simple, but the kittens do love it.
Now, they have a bigger space to play, sleep or eat.
That is a good for the kittens and us.

Phew, building completed and it was time to have fun, Karaoke!!
Before that, we went to the Mahindarama Temple, aka the Guleng Hood or Milk Buddha Temple to redeem our vow.

I Do Believe in Karma.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Got Michelligence!

Well, arriving at the school, waiting for the SPM results with an abnormally rapid heartbeat.
I guess i was nervous and anxious as i was quite worry about my results.
Of course, the same thing happened to my wife².

We "woke up" a bit late and we only started to work hard just a few months before our SPM examination.
But, the effort we put in, was a herculean one.
I remembered the times when we spent our all day at the McDonald's, Gurney and the times when we had problems in overcoming exam phobia.
It was a terrible experience.
For what? A nightmarish examination.

The moment i got my results, i was not really delighted.
My worries for my wife² dominated my senses.
With my accompany, she went to her school and took her results.
I was glad that she felt relieved.
Although our results were just average, but we were happy about it.
There can be no sweet without sweat.
You work that much, you get that much.

Honestly, i was quite surprised by what i have achieved.
I really had to thank my wife² for giving me lessons in my weaker subjects last year.
Without her, i won't be scoring A's for those subjects.
A big thank you to you, my dear. I love you!

After getting the results, you know it will be the celebration time!

Aha, my wife² and i had our lunch at Seoul Garden, Gurney Plaza.
We sat there for two hours and of course, we did eat a lot.

Wow, we were shocked. Please refer to the picture below.

At night, my wife² followed my family and i for dinner.
Aikss, we were so full and we predicted that we are going to gain weight of at least 2kg for what we ate the whole day.

Now, we are in dilemma in choosing colleges and courses.
My wife², whose result turned out to be not bad, is focusing on becoming a pediatrician.
How about me? I am going UTM, PSDC or INTI?
Diploma in engineering or A-level?
I don't know, but i do know a truth.
That is..

Genius is one percent inspiration
and ninety-nine percent perspiration.
[Thomas A. Edison]