Monday, August 22, 2011

30th Mensiversary!

Time flies and you know what? My wife and i have just celebrated our 30th mensiversary, in other words, we have been together for exactly 30 months!
It is not an easy task but we managed to achieve it.
That is why we celebrate every mensiversary in a happy informal way.

Today, i picked my wife up from her crib and headed to Gurney Plaza.
Both of us are actually jogging hard every weekday in order to lose some weight.
It has been ages since we last took Nando's but now, here we were, savouring the scrumptious finger-licking good quarter meal accompanied by a bowl of soup and a glass of bottomless iced lemon tea.
Apparently, the dining utensils including plates are different from the old ones.
My wife and i really enjoyed our fattening food even though i used an hour to finish my fries, yummy!

Oh ya, after ordering our food and before the food was served, i requested my wife to close her eyes and warned her not to even take a peak.
I got the Rilakkuma gifts set up and allowed her to open her eyes.
A surprised joyful facial expression that can't be described with words immediately appeared on her pretty face, she was like shouting 'Ahhh, so chubi!!'.
The standing Rilakkuma is actually a phone folder with foldable, flexible hands and legs.
You can bend it any way you want to accommodate your phone or even your Ipad, awesome piece of gadget.
Well, the pair of small Rilakkuma heads is a wire cord.
My wife is a super fan of the lazy bear, Rilakkuma as well as his companions.

Since i can't figure out where else to go, we eventually went for a Karaoke session at Red Box.
They are having a celebration for their anniversary and clients would get to participate a lucky draw in which Ipad cases, free snacks, RM1 rebate etc will be given out.
In our case, my wife and i got ourselves a free snack (a mountain of chips with Wasabi cream).
Makan again, uh-oh!
We sang our throats out for exactly 4 hours!

We then wandered at the mall and something caught my wife's attention.
It was a Rilakkuma luggage tag and of course, now it belongs to her.
Gosh, Parkson Grand has stocked up on ultimate adorable stuffs such as Mr Bean cartoon, Pukka, Material and notably Canimal World products but they are expensive, some of them.

Finally, we got really bored at the mall.
Hence, we departed to Straits Quay, not to eat but to walk around, enjoy the sea breeze and scenery.
That is how we called it a day and this is the way we live everyday, so happily!