Saturday, February 27, 2010

Babysitting? No, It is Kitten-sitting.

Haha, the title says it all, and we did something just like what Vin Diesel did in the movie, The Pacifier.
Just, he babysat human kids but we babysat orphaned kittens.

Well, it was really really tough, but we have managed to do it.
I went through a harsh time, transporting the kittens in a big box with my motorcycle to my wife²'s house.
That was dangerous, both for me and the kittens.

No time for nonsenses, my wife² and i went to supermarket nearby to get prepared formulas for feeding them and human preemie nipple bottles.

The kittens were crying all day long, continuously.
Surely they were cold and hungry.
We prepared a small basket for them, with some blankets inside.

After placing them inside the basket carefully, we followed the procedure and make the milk for the kittens.
Finally, we succeed in making the milk by mixing glasses of warm water with tablespoons of milk powder.

Well, it is always hard to be a mother or father.
We were having so much problem feeding the kittens.
At the beginning, they did not even try to lick or bite the milk bottles.
We did what my wife²'s house maid said, pouring some milk into a plate and let the kitten enjoy themselves.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be that one of the kittens awkwardly dip its head into the milk when trying to have some milk.

Phew, finally, we managed to feed them with milk bottles.

What a baby does after eating?
Yup, they slept after consuming quite a lot of milk.
Finally, everything was brought to peace.

Wow, taking care of the kittens took us hours and we totally forgot to have our lunch.
My wife² and i drove to Times Square and have our lunch at the Roti Bakar Kopitiam.
The food was just better and cheaper than Old Town's, nice!

Lastly, i was so sad to hear this news.
My wife²'s mother is going to send them to SPCA tomorrow, she won't allow the kittens to be there.
Haiz, why? I don't understand, her house is so spacious and yet can't her just leave a small corner for the kittens, for just a short period?
Humans are so selfish, i can't deny.

Sometimes, You Give a Little, But You Help a Lot.

Friday, February 26, 2010

God is Unfair.

When you are a baby, you open your eyes and found out yourself being inside a box, beside rubbish dump.
You feel hungry and thirsty, but there is nothing to eat, nothing to drink.
The sun sets and you are affraid of the dark sky, but there is no one to comfort you.
What can a baby do by himself? God damn it, he needs help.
But, there is no one to support, to assist you.
Imagine you are that poor little baby.
Will you feel angry that your parents left you?
In fact, you don't even have enough calories to be mad.
All you can do is just keep crying until someone finds you, adopts you.

I heard cries from kittens. Obviously, they were crying for their mom.
And then, i found out there were 4 kittens in a cardboard box, beside a big dustbin at the ground floor of my apartment.
F_ck the one who threw them away, being so irresponsible!
Well, they looked hungry and i just feed them slices of cheese but they did not eat it.
Hmm, my parents won't allow me to keep them as pet.
So, guys, please adopt them. Or else, they will have a sport life spam.
Please do not hesitate to contact me, 016-4242549 or you just can leave a message in my shoutbox.

Type of Pet: Kitten

Age: Estimated to be around a week or 2 weeks.

Breed: Unknown.

Sex: Unknown.

Location: Penang Island.

Every Good Turn Deserves Another.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough.

As the saying goes, a contented mind is a perpetual feast.
But in this modern 21st century, i don't really see that in people's dictionary.
For example, when you first starting your career, you drive a Perodua Kancil.
Time passed by, you sold your Kancil and bought a Honda Accord.
The same thing repeats and you are driving a Mercedes Benz now.
At last, you won't be selling and buying cars anymore as you own a Bugatti Veyron, the most expensive street legal car available on the market today.

Don't look at me. I won't do that!
I just upgraded my driving license today, adding a D class qualification.
And, good news, permission granted to drive a car!
Piece of cake, haha.

Do you know how my wife² and i celebrated it?
Of course, singing Karaoke at Red Box, Gurney Plaza.
Wow, we have sung for 4 hours continuously.
And thank God, i sound like Ah Du (阿杜) right now.
Between, i s_cks in singing and my wife² is always good in it.

Life is just like driving a car.
Look back often, learn from your past.
Keep your eyes ahead, securing your future.
Watch out your left and right, your present.

Monday, February 22, 2010

For A Year Now We've Been Together.

*Attention* - Pictures of the gifts will be uploaded tomorrow.

Yup, the title says it all.
Today is our first anniversary, my wife² and i have been together for exactly a year.
Like what i told you all, there is no presence of time when we are together.
Time flows like water, and it has already been a year.

Unfortunately, we did not really celebrate it as i have to be concerned with my diet, or else, i will be sick again, haiz.
But, we did our favourite pastime, hanging around Gurney Plaza.
We did eat a lot of stuffs there, we went to 600cc restaurant, ate ding ding dong dong like tuna puff etc.

Well, today was a special day to both of us, and of course, there won't be absence of gifts!
I made a couple of roly poly dolls (不倒翁) from egg shells and plasticine myself.
The dolls were painted just like how we dressed up on the Valentine's Day, last week.
Hehe, i did really spend a lot of time and thoughts making this extraordinary gift.
And of course, this gift is meaningful.
I want my wife² to be like a roly poly doll forever.
When you fall down, don't complain and don't say a word, but climb up.
No matter what happens, don't give up and keep holding on.

Hmm, i also bought my wife² a cute bear, or dog, i don't know.
The plush doll and i have a similarity, that is a pair of big ears, haha.
It is really cute and wow, my wife² got a lot of soft toys on her bed now.

We called it a day, surely we were not satisfied with the plain celebration.
But, we were looking forward to sing Karaoke at the Red Box in this week, when our throats fully recovered.

Once again, i need to rest, have to wake up at 7am tomorrow for car driving test.
Although i don't feel tired, i don't feel nervous, i feel confident, but my wife² is now convincing me and forcing me to sleep.
May God bless me tomorrow.
Sweet dreams, buddies.

A year is just a beginning.
And a beginning is better than nothing.
We are moving forward to the term "anniversaries".

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Be Strong.

Well, there is no free breakfast, free lunch or whatsoever.
You pay for what you get.

Yesterday night, my wife² and i finally got what we wanted, Kenny Rogers roasted chicken.
We were so lucky that we got a free chicken soup, the service crew forgotten to count the soup in our bill.

But, i fell sick after consuming the meal and of course ate too much CNY cookies, so bad.
And now, i am feeling not well too, just not as bad as yesterday night.

Aikss, with terrible body condition, i still went for my last car driving practice in the morning, today.
Yup, you are right, i am having my car driving test the day after tomorrow.
This is not the main point.
I must get myself recovered as tomorrow is our anniversary, it is a must for us to celebrate the day.
It means a lot to us.

Hehe, my wife² just went back, she just came to take care of me.
Magically, i turned better with her presence, unbelievable.
Power of love?

Hmm, i just offered prayers to the Jade Emperor (天公) an hour ago.
Woah, fireworks filled up the sky.
Colourful sparks were everywhere in the dark, black sky.
I snapped down some pictures of the fireworks, sorry for the not-so-nice pics.

I need to rest now.
Awaiting tomorrow. Hope things get really smooth, chill.

Rest, for a further journey.