Friday, December 25, 2009

Voyage to KL.

Christmas Eve.

On boarding the Aeroline bus at around 7.30am.
They provided awesome services and facilities, like food, hot drinks, movies showing etc.
Hmm, of course i slept in the bus for quite some time although they played the movie - Knowing and Dragonball Evolution. Photobucket

Chit-chating, yawning and sleeping. These were what i have done inside the bus.
Tik tok, time passed by and it was 1.30pm.
We arrived at the Corus Hotel. As we were running out of time, we simply got a taxi which cost us RM20 just to travel to our accommodation - Corona Inn, Bukit Bintang. Photobucket

The rooms were not that good, especially mine, with a lame TV which the screen kept scrolling.
But honestly, the rooms were clean and reasonable for the price we have paid.
Just after keeping our stuffs inside our rooms, we sought around for what to have as our lunch.

Finally, we went to Jogoya Restaurant for buffet.
The food there was fantastic!! Photobucket
You scream, i scream, we scream for Häagen-Dazs® and New Zealand Natural ice cream (available in the buffet).
There was also hot and tasty chocolate which flows to form a fountain. 5-star rated!! Photobucket

My stomach was going to burst as i ate a lot. ><
We walked around Star Hill Gallery and Pavilion.
Damn it, the goods there were so expensive! @.@

At night, we went for Christmas countdown.
The Bintang Walk was so crowded. People were spraying one another with snow sprays.
White snow and ashes were found everywhere.
We included ourselves in the coundown too. It was a crazy night, but we have rocked our night. Photobucket
3..2..1..Merry Christmas!!! Fireworks rose above the air!Photobucket

Christmas Day @ Midvalley City & Times Square.

Hmm, went to Midvalley Megamall and The Gardens.
Did some shopping and enjoyed ourselves. Photobucket

At night, we walked to Berjaya Times Square.
The Christmas decorations there were nice and simply. I just love them!
Hmm, bought some stuffs too.

Finally, our stomach started to starve. Therefore, we decided to have something special as our supper instead of those fast food.
We had our supper at restaurant nearby Jalan Alor.
The grilled fish was appetizing!Photobucket

Boxing Day @ Sunway Lagoon.

So, do you think you could just enjoy the excitement just at the amusement parks and modern theme parks??
Then, you are absolutely wrong.
Guess what, i had a horrific ride from my inn to Sunway Lagoon at a taxi which traveled at an average speed of 120km/h.Photobucket
We took that as warm up exercise! haha.

Finally, we arrived at the lagoon.

We have spent about 45 mins queuing for purchasing the entering wrist watch. So crowded there la. =.=
One more thing, I located all my stuffs including my phone inside the locker.
So, not much pictures were taken. Paiseh.

Firstly, we walked the hanging bridge which is long and slanting.
Well, we were not much afraid of that.
Then, we took the pirate ship. That made me sick, but it was fun! Photobucket
After trying all the rides available, we went for the water park.
Unfortunately, it started to rain. Aikss =[

As we intended to go back, we went for the wrong direction in the park.
For God's sake, we found that the water park is opened once again.
Of course, we played and did enjoy ourselves!

Although the entrance fee was not cheap, but we really did have a lot of fun.
It was worth it as we were in the park from 11am to 6pm.

Last Day @ Sunway Pyramid.

Checked out and said Goodbye to our inn.
Then, we departed to Sunway Pyramid.
Phew, luckily, no more crazy taxi drivers. XD

At Sunway Pyramid, me and my wife did lots and lots of shopping.
We did not stop shopping until 5pm as our bus was about to arrive at Sunway Pyramid.

We went up the bus and waved goodbye to KL.
So unlucky, the bus was lame and it kept stopping by the petrol station and highway.
That wasted us about an hour, maybe?
But, we enjoyed the sunset right there at the highway. It was amazing. Photobucket

Jeez, finally we were at the Penang Bridge toll. Damn, traffic jam like hell!

We backed to Penang at the end of the day, about 12am.
So exhausted and sleepy. Zzz.

KL, I will be back!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Be Right Back.

Going to KL. Be Back here in 4 days time. Photobucket

Hmm, conflict happened.
Damn those annoying and retarted fellers(not my family side) who messed up the situation.
Watch out, F__kers!Photobucket

Monday, December 21, 2009

Reliving My Childhood.

As a penangite, i've never been to the Toy Museum before. Hehe Photobucket
But this afternoon, after i had compassion breakfast which my wife² prepared,
i was toying around and fooling around at the Toy Museum, Tanjung Bungah with my dearest wife². Photobucket

We arrived at the Toy Museum. The tickets cost us a total of RM20, which was quite affordable. Photobucket

There are varieties of toys there.
Example, Lilo n' Stitch, Star Wars, Spiderman, Fantastic 4, Incredible Hulk blah blah blah...many many more!

Below are some pictures of our day. Enjoy yourself! Photobucket

Big-sized and cute Stitch ->

“爱伸出圆手,总是伸手不见五指的”Doraemon ->

Amusing Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr. Bean ->

My wife² with Tomb Raider ->

My favourite, Captain Jack Sparrow! ->

Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman! ->

The guardian of Gotham City, The Dark Knight ->

Nice game, Half-Life ->

A high-five with Michael! ->

"Roar~~ Im King Kong!" ->

Cute and clumsly Walll-E ->

Darth Vader, from the Star Wars ->

Rest In Peace, MJ :( ->

"Yell all you like - the Lord himself won't hear you. ", Agent 47 ->

The Silver Surfer, cool! ->

Shrek with Michelle^^ ->

"Day 11, Test 37, Configuration 2.0. For lack of a better option, Dummy is still on fire safety", Ironman ->

"You got a friend, Andy",from Toy Story ->

风云 ->

Chucky:"Hi, I'm Chucky, and I'm your friend till the end. Hidey-ho! " ->

Jack Skellington & Friends, from The Night Before Christmas ->

Po:"Take that! Im the Dragon Warrior! Haiyah!!" ->

"Magic Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? ",Snow White ->

MS-06 Zaku II ->

Zelda ->

经典漫画,老夫子 ->

Superman Returns! ->

World of Warcraft, Elf ->

Hulf Smash!! ->

Strictly not for those who are under 18!!

My wife² & me, resting ->

We spent about two hours there.
Hmm, the interior design of the museum is not really that good.
But, i am pretty sure that the toys will be an eye opener for you all. Photobucket