Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Turned 17. [part II]

We went to have “煮炒” as dinner.
Hmmm. The dishes were not really that excellent lo.
But, we kept "blah..blah..blah"-ing with one another. Photobucket
That was harmony. Photobucket
*I forgot to take photos before we had our dinner. Aiks, paiseh!*

After having our dinner, we went back my home.
Once again, cake cutting event! But this time, the cake was bought by my parents.
Although the cake was small, but everyone thumbed up for its tastiness. Photobucket
It was such a temptation.
I just can't resist it. So, i ate another piece of the cake when my wife² and i were on the way back to her home. =]

Before heading to our destination, we went to Times Square as the night was still young.
It was a beautiful night.
There were christmas decorations everywhere, of course we took photos of them. Photobucket

As we were walking to the colourful fountain,
we could not believe what we were looking at.Photobucket
A cone formed by wires with hundreds of small leds along them.
And there was a star on top of the cone. Photobucket
It is nice, isn't it?
I was pretty amazed by its appearance O.o

At around 9.30pm, i said goodbye to my wife². Photobucket

When i was at home, i read the booklet.
Only my wife² knew what had happened next! I won't share it, blek =p
We kept in touch until it was 12am.
One last time, "Happy Birthday!" and i am no longer a birthday boy! Photobucket

No doubt, this was the most unforgettable birthday in these 17 years.
Thanks to everyone who celebrated my birthday with me, especially my parents and finally my wife².

I appreciate everything that you have done for me.
A "thank you" won't be enough.
I take the oath that i will repay you with my entire life.
Happy Together 4ever!!Photobucket

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