Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Turned 17. [part I]

Since last month, my wife² have kept telling me that she will buy me presents when we go KL.
Time flies..
Yesterday was my 17th birthday and it was the most unforgettable.
I won't forget this day for my entire life.

It was just a few seconds after the day turned from 14th to 15th.
It was just a few seconds after 12.00am.
My phone began to ring and the ringing did not stop for a few minutes.
Guess what? They were the phone calls and messages from my fellow friends and family.

At the beginning, it was nothing to me.
But, when i found out the truth, i was really surprised.
I never thought my wife² who is always a not creative person could have done something like this. Hehe. Dear, please do forgive me for my comments. =]
But at least, she learned something from me in these 9 months. Im proud of you, dear!Photobucket
This is a gift for you, muackzzz!! Photobucket
It was the effort of my wife² - Michelle.
She messaged all my friends the day before my birthday and asked them to wish me.
Thanks, dear. You m..m..m..make me happy!
But, there was more to go. >.^

My wife² and i went to Seoul Garden, Gurney Plaza for our lunch.
The food is just amazing.
We have really filled our stomach there, yummy~~!Photobucket
Those beef were superb. 4 star-rated maybe? :D
She also made two birthday eggs for me. *happy*
The eggs were very red. I should conclude that my wife² did it purposely as this is a sign of prosperity or she is too awkward as she used too much red dye?
Well, my wife², i do like those eggs.
They were tasty, especially the second one!The one with half-boiled egg york! Photobucket

After our lunch, we went to the beach.
Just when we were relaxing ourselves on the bench, she went to the toilet.
After a few minutes, what an astonishing scene that came right in front of my eyes.
She was holding a gift box and a container with cupcakes inside it. ><
I was pretty shocked and i could not make give response besides smiling idioctically. =.=

There were 17 cupcakes with different patterns of design. 10 of them were designed with Hamtaro faces and 3 with Michael Jackson(my idol). 4 of them were written "Happy Birthday To Darren". The cakes were really cute and nicely designed.
Attention: Thanks to Nor, who made the cakes =D
She sang the birthday song to me and i blew the lighted candle off after i have made a wish(a secret), hehe.
But now im telling the secret. It was Photobucket forever! Shhh..!!

Inside the cute gift box, there were a letter, a small card, 7 Hamtaro dolls, a self-made booklet and finally a t-shirt which i like it very much. Photobucket
My wife² asked me to read the booklet at night.

We played at the beach for more than an hour.
I was touched by her effort for my birthday. Thus, I used the sea shells and came out with something as shown in the picture below.Photobucket

At around 6pm, we went back to my house and were going out with my parents and grandpa for dinner.Photobucket
Dear, you shined up my day. Photobucket

Message for whoever
Warnings for those who try to separate us or even insulting my wife²!Photobucket
Think twice before you do it,
or else you will ended up as shown in the animated picture below!
First, Photobucket
And then, Photobucket

Cheers! Photobucket

Message for my wife²

Dear, i really does not expect so much from you.
I know that you serves me well all the time.
You are the best among all girls.
For me, my life without you is just like my body without a heart.
Once you are here, my happiness will never stop pumping throughout my days, my life and my memory.
Do you know why the sky in my world is always blue?
That is because that i have got you.
Nothing is impossible. But i want you to know a thing that is opposing this law.
That is Photobucket
Nothing is going to change my love for you.
Photobucket truly, madly, deeply and eternally.

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Iejan said...

Hi Michelle & Darren..
Thanks a lot for posting the cupcakes pic.
I am so very happy both of you like the cupcakes :)
May God bless both of you and your LOVE too :)


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