Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wen's Belated Birthday Treat.

First of all, a happy belated birthday to Wen who is a good acquaintance of my wife².
My wife² and i had a marathon of lectures yesterday, so we were unable to celebrate her big day together with her on the actual date which is the 11th of February.
As a compensation, my wife² invited her over to have lunch together.

Besides my wife² and Wen, her elder sister and i attended the lunch.
Undergoing several discussions, our group of 4 has finally ended up in the Seven Bistro.
As like what the bistro has advertised, there are a total of 88 choices of food to choose from.
And, the prices are very affordable, main courses are priced at only 11 bucks each, with an extra 1.70 bucks for a glass of iced lemon tea.
It took us some time to make up our minds.
Luckily, there were some feed backs and recommendations from the fast talking waiter.
You would not find me in the picture as i was the photographer, pity me.

Within a short while, our main courses and tapas were served.
The lovely sisters ordered cheese balls which i did not get any picture of them and Spanish Grilled Chicken.
For my wife² and i, our choices were also the Spanish Grilled Chicken and Spicy Clams Spaghetti.
Let's talk about the spaghetti.
The clams were bit spicy and yet the spaghetti was topped with a little bit cheesy white sauce.
The fusion of these two distinct tastes was simply amazing.
I adored the chewy and savory spaghetti very much.
Speaking about the chicken, it was marvellous.
Why? Cause i have never tasted such special aromatic red-coloured sauce which was sweet and spicy.
The potatoes and the salad were fine.

The sisters and the couple were separated right after the meal.
Unfortunately, the meal wasn't enough for the couple who has large appetites.
My wife² and i have tried out the Aunty Anne's Pretzel Stix Eclairs.
A very mouthwatering thick hot chocolate was poured onto the bread sticks.
I guess my wife² will be a fan of this after her first try out.

LOL, that wasn't enough for us.
Next stop, I Love Yoo!
We have consumed a bowl of soy milk and some you char kway.
Hmm, our attempt resulted in a very huge disappointment.
The soy milk was watery and that just destroyed the taste of the you char kway.

Congratulations, Wen. You're Officially Old.

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