Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today was the Chinese New Year eve.
Reunion dinner on the CNY eve is one of the age-old traditions in most Chinese families.
Well, until now, it is still a habit for most Chinese families.
Normally, the dinner involves a splendid steamboat or barbecue dinner with loads of fish balls, prawns, chicken, abalone etc.
Although my wife² and i will be going for reunion dinner respectively, and yet we still followed the tradition.
We had our own reunion 'lunch', how chubby is that!

At the moment we arrived at Gurney Plaza, we were intending to pay a visit to Sakae Sushi as i have got discount vouchers that i have won from a food review contest.
Unfortunately, Sakea Sushi was so damn crowded, there was even a long queue outside.
Alright then, my wife² and i have switched to plan B.
Most of the restaurants there were closed for business.
In the end, we have chosen Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen.

Our so-called reunion lunch consisted of a bowl of ramen soup, fried seafood ramen, drinks and our all-time favourite, deep-fried eel.
The deep-fried eel was very crispy but a bit salty.
If it is eaten with some sambal, the dish is definitely worth a second try!
For the ramen, i would just label it with a simple Chinese word, !
Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen, so far so good, has never disappointed me so far.

I snapped you, my wife²!
My wife², you snapped me!

Most of the shops there started to call their business day an end around 3pm.
My wife² and i got really bored as there were only very limited shops to do some window shopping.
By the way, my wife² got herself a red t-shirt which has a fat cute cat printed on it.
We also bought ourselves a pair of Rilakkuma bell phone strap.
As tonight will be an eating marathon for both for us, we went back our home respectively to get some rest.
Happy Chinese New Year, cheers!!

Annual Gluttony Season Begins!

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