Monday, January 31, 2011

Enter The Dragon.

How time flies?
It was already the very last day of January.
And, it is only a few days away from the Chinese New Year!
Now, i can hear CNY songs anywhere on the street and in every corner of shopping malls.
Honestly, the songs might cheer up our mood.
After a long-term exposure to them, they will be superbly annoying.
Everybody, agree?
I know that aunties will never nod their head!

Finally, our college CNY holiday has started.
My wife² and i took this opportunity, and tried out the newly opened self-cooking Mongolian and Japanese style barbecue restaurant, Bar-B-Q Plaza at Gurney Plaza.
The restaurant does have a number of branches all around our nation.
Oh ya, there is a green fat dragon statue just right in front of the restaurant.
He is known as Bar B Gon and is the mascot of Bar-B-Q Plaza.
This is what i have read from the official website, Bar B Gon is a cute cheerful dragon that is friendly to children and he likes delicious food and might eat a lot of food at a time.
No wonder he has got a big tummy.

What amazed me is the hot plate which has a unique texture.
They are offering set lunch, inclusive of green tea and garlic friend rice which costs only 11.90+ bucks each.
And whenever you order a set lunch, student card privilege is not applicable.

My wife² and i have ordered two set lunches and they were pork set and beef set.
Besides, we were only provided two pieces of pork fat which play the role as cooking oil.
Here came the best part.
My wife² and i mixed the barbecue sauce together with the fresh cut chili, garlic and squeezed lime.
The mixture then turned out to be one of the best dipping sauce i have ever tasted.
There is no appropriate words to describe the sauce,
Maybe salty, or spicy?
Who cares la, the sauce went very well with the nicely cooked beef and pork, yummy!

Inclusive of taxes, the meal cost us around 28 bucks which is quite reasonable.
My wife² and i did really enjoy ourselves by toying around with the peculiar hot plate.
If i am to rate for the taste, i would give it 3.5 out of 5 points.
Here is the thing.
I was damn thirsty right after this meal.
Until now, my condition is showing no sign of improvement.
Wondering it was the food or my own body problem, who knows.
Hopefully, i might get rid of this thing before CNY.

February is considered an important month to my wife².
And the reason is, hehehe, Valentine's Day and our anniversary!
Oopsy daisy, i forgot to mention a very happy day, the Chinese New Year.
Darren here, wishing you all Gong Hey Fart Joy!

Happy 兔-gether 4ever!

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