Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Number 23.

Well, by looking at the number 23, what will be the first thing that appears on your mind?
Is it Michael Jordan or David Beckham who chose 23 as their jersey number?
Dang dang dang dang..!
Guess what? In the snap of a finger, it has already been 23 months since we were bonded.
It felt like only 23 hours.
Like what people said, happy time passes very quickly.
In other words, i have been in a extremely good mood throughout these 23 months.
I am very grateful to my wife² as she has a large contribution in making our relationship a stable and strong lattice.
You will always be my boo!

Celebrating every mensiversary is our tradition.
Hence, there was no exception for this day
To show some respect, my wife² and i dressed in one of our best looking clothes.
My wife² chose a dress, tried it on, took it off and tried another dress on.
These processes formed a cycle which kept me waiting for at least an hour.
Never mind then, at least she was well-dressed, dressed up like an office lady.

My wife² and i went to Gurney Plaza and had our lunch at our favourite restaurant, Chicago Rib House.
Let me do the maths.
Hmm, we have not been at the restaurant for months.
Damn, i got my mouth zipped and got myself equipped with fork and knife.
It was lunch time!!

My very palatable bacon and chicken burger.
A sizzling whole chicken patty with some bacon, together nestled in crunchy green lettuce, a large, ripe tomato slice, a piece of melting tasty cheese and two soft buns.
The combination was perfect, with the addition of Mustard Tartar Sauce.

Next, my wife²'s all time number one, the toothsome grilled blackened catch with french fries and baked potato.
A piece of fish fillet which was nicely marinated with black pepper and very well-grilled.
No doubt, two thumbs up!

Last but not least, after our main courses, our mouth watering Brownie Ice Cream was served.
With just a bite, you may be able to feel the hot and cold, the melting of the vanilla ice cream and the thick chocolate.
I adore that!

Phew, my wife² and i did really got our stomach stuffed.
I surprised my wife² with movie tickets to the movie, Homecoming which i have bought yesterday.
She reacted in joy with her eyes popping out.
The movie was a film by Jack Neo whose reputation was corrupted due to his embroilment in the sex scandal.
Jack Neo was once famous for his role, Liang Po Po and Liang Xi Mei, which himself cross-dresses as a lady.
And now, he is back, doing the same old thing.
In this recent movie, he really looks pretty as Karen Neo, a single mom who has a son, starred by local star, Ah Niu.
Of course, whenever there is Jack Neo, there is Mark Lee.
I would rate the movie as one of the best among all Jack Neo's productions.
The movie tells a string of stories about family and what it means to go home for reunion dinner.
My wife
² and i can't help from stop laughing from the beginning to the end.
I sincerely recommend this movie to those who need some entertaintment, those who need to relax.
CNY mood just blasted out of nowhere after watching this hilarious CNY-themed movie.

My wife
² and i were still hunting for new year clothes although we have bought some.
Unfortunately, mission failed!

Okay, time to reveal this mensiversary's presents.
First of all, a new year flora dress from Kitschen and a pair of Ipanema sandals.
Sorry, it will be pointless if taking down pictures of the shoes and the dress.
Finally, the last presents are these two super little cute creatures.
They are named as Marimos, literally also known as
Cladophora ball, Lake ball, or Moss Balls.
According to the Japanese, it is believed that Marimos will bring good luck, especially in the aspect love.
It is said that love is like a Marimo, growing bigger slowly and steadily.
Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, our Marimos.
P.S. A big thank you to a friend who helped me to import the lovely Marimos.

I truly hope and i am sure that our love will be like the Marimos.
Althought the Marimos will be like growing only 0.5cm in a year, but at least it is still growing.
Until one day, they will be become a huge green algae ball and of course, not-so-cute but will definitely be amazing.
Our love, our bonding, our relationship will be like this.
I believe, I relieve, and it will achieve.

Every Little Makes a Muckle.

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