Monday, January 17, 2011

Now & Then.

It seems like i have never update my blog for almost 2 weeks.
What to do? I have no time and nothing to blog about.
My college holiday came to an end and it was time for me to stop staring at the laptop LCD screen day in and day out.
New year, new hope.
Last year, i did not work hard enough on my studies.
But for now and ever, i am breaking the lazy habit, so do my wife².
No sacrifice, no victory!

Oh Gosh, my wife² and i had been too much into our studies.
Now i only remember that we have not make exercise for quite a while.
After our college reopened, time was like a slowpoke.
Yesterday was a sunny and windy Sunday.
It was a very good opportunity for my wife² and i to have some sort of detoxification.
We got ourselves well-equipped with sports gears and we started to jog at Botanical Garden.

Lucky or not?
BANG! Only just 10 minutes into our activity, a honeybee who was flying through the air collided with my wife²'s precious face.
No more nonsensical words, we immediately rushed to a clinic nearby.
The doctor took a flashlight, aiming throughout my wife²'s face.
I guess, she was just unable to differentiate the pimples and the wound, haha, joking.
Well, the doctor, with cooperation from her nurse, gave my wife² an injection on the area between her waist and buttock.

I saw nothing but these are what i heard.
Nurse: 'Where do you feel more pain? Buttock or thigh?'
My wife²: 'Here.' (pointing to her thigh)
Nurse: 'That is because i pinched you!' (evil laughing starts)
I LOL-ed.

Today, i damn pitied my wife² and i took her to the local movie, Great Day after our classes.
She always wanted to try out the newly opened TGV Cinema and i made her dream come true.
The movie weren't cheap, each cost 8 bucks for students.
My wife² and i shifted to the couple seats behind us in the middle of the movie, haha, shh!
The movie is nicely filmed.
I like the theme, the plot and the message it tries to bring.
One thing i dislike about the movie is that there are too many unrelated and nonsensical characters.
The director squeezed in too many local stars although there is no vacancy at all.
Haha, Mr. Lim in the movie looks so alike with my Biology lecturer.
Overall, the movie is very touch and very hilarious.
How could a such touching element blended so well with a comedy??
This is what we call, pro!

No doubt, time passes more quickly in proportion as you are happy.
Let's tune back my mood to study mode, but no matter how i tried, i just can't have it done.
You know why? Cause my radar and antenna are only receiving CNY waves!
Gong Hei Fat Choi!

兔 be Continued.

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