Wednesday, December 15, 2010

End of Teenage, Beginning of Adulthood.

Well, am i lucky or unlucky to be born in December?
Who cares. Anyway, a big thank you to my mother who suffered a lot during giving birth to me.
Finally, i am 18 years old, quite a long wait huh?
At least, i am able to go to jail now, haha.
Oh ya, before i forget it, happy 1st birthday to my blog!!

Last year, my wife² did a herculean work on my birthday presents.
She really did a lot, to make me happy, to celebrate my special day.
Please refer to my previous blog post. Part 1. Part 2.
This year was no exception.
See how disobeying is my wife².
She was like a ninja, preparing my gifts without my notice.
There were also possibilities that i am dumb, how could it be?
The presents will be revealed. Just make sure you will scroll the page down.

Today, i woke up at 9 am, normally i wake up around noon as today was my very special day.
Having received a birthday card and a Ang Pao from my parents the night before, i was shocked to see that there is a bowl of red eggs on the coffee table.
And, there is a writing on one of the eggs.
Oh, 'Darren', 'Happy' and 'Birthday'.
Obviously, my parents did it, how dare they steal my idea?
But still, thanks, dad and mom!
The purpose of waking up so early is not to celebrate my birthday, but to buy my wife²'s favourite Curry Mee and Chee Cheong Fan as our brunch.

At noon, my wife² visited me with a big and a small gift bags.
She was pretty amazed that i've bought her some of the best Penang hawker food.
Okay, stay tune, it was the presents revealing time!
I started with the small gift bag.
'Hmm? Why there are so many little paper origami hearts?' I said.
Honestly, i was quite touched.
My wife² spent nights to complete 100 tiny paper origami hearts.
Besides that, she surfed the net and wrote happy birthday wishes in 100 different languages on each heart, along with the nation which speaks the language.
Deep in the bottom of the gift bag, there is a parcel, wrapped with gift paper.
I quickly unwrapped it and found that it is an arm pouch, which i have been searching for some time.
Tausend Dank! Ich Liebe Dich, Meine Frau!!


Wow, what could be inside the big gift bag?
Guess what? It was an Adidas sling bag, which i am intending to buy after our Langkawi trip.
I found 6 pieces of self-made birthday cards along with the bag.
I was so happy, and in between so angry as my wife² spent so much money and effort for my birthday.
At last, i forced my wife² not to spent so much energy and money for my birthday, and finally, she promised.
You all be the witnesses!
If my wife² is still repeating the same thing, she won't be receiving a single present for the rest of her life, not even a hair of mine!

Tao-Cuisine, i am coming!
At exactly 4 pm, we departed to Autocity, Juru.
Before that, we went to Bukit Jambul Complex to get my custom made present.
It was a mug which has our sweet photos printed on it, so sweet!

Geez, we took the wrong way and ending up in Autocity much later than we have expected.
Forget it, let's enjoy our dinner!
I can't identify the difference between the new and old menu as i am not a regular customer of Tao-Cuisine.
I personally think that Tao-Cuisine E-gate serves yummier food, compared with Autocity's.
I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking, enjoy!
Don't scroll down if you are having an empty stomach!

We were now super duper fulled, due to excessive continuous consuming of Japanese food.
We had some after meal light exercise by walking around the park near by.
There was a small night market which mainly sells lady's assecories.
Oh no, it was already 10.12pm.
We called it a day and departed back to the island.
Aikss, so sad to leave a happy place like this.

Snapshots of the day.

To my dearest wife², Michelle Lau.
Thanks for all the presents and all the things that you've done.
I really appreciate them and remember what have you promised me!
I am really happy today and so do you.
Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
I realised that the moments that take my breath away, are the moments when i am with you.
If there is an afterlife, i sincerely pray that you will to give me another chance, to love you and to sacrifice for you.
If there is an afterlife, no doubt. 'Yes! I do!'
Below is a very very short poem, written by me.
Hope you will enjoy it.
I love you!

Delicious like fries.
Yet still taste like spice.
Free like butterflies.
But strong like a lattice.
Beautiful like sunrise,
Essential like rice,
And will never be outpriced.
It never dies, it never lies.
It is nice.

This is I.
And, i call it

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