Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happie B'dae, Bro.

First of all, a very happy birthday to my brother, Delvin!
Well, from yesterday onwards, my brother is officially 22 years old.
Hmm, he has gone through exactly 22 365-day journeys around the sun.
I am happy for him as he celebrated his birthday yesterday night, attending a prom night.
And, of course, had a date night with a special girl.
Guess what? Both of them were born on the same day, what a coincidence.
It seems like my bro really had a lot of fun that night.
May Cupid bless him!

As usual, he went back Penang by taking buses and ferries.
After picking up my bro, we went to have Tomyam Thai Seafood for dinner.
Of course, my wife² was invited.
We had our dinner at the Weld Quay area.
What comment can i make about the food? Hmm, so-so la!

Burp! We tambah-ed quite large amount of rice which consequences in having bigger tummies.
Next, it was the birthday cake-cutting ceremony!
Wow, a chocolate cheesecake with a spider-man holding a baseball bat on top of it was presented to the birthday boy.
There went the birthday song, sang my parents, featuring my wife² and i.
My bro, with a gluttony face, made a wish, blew the candle, cut the cake into slices and it was time to eat them up!
The cake was from Jenny's Cakehouse and honestly, pure cheesecake is better!

My wife² and i bought him a Joker moody bear as he is a huge fan of the dark knight, along with a birthday card.
Hope that he does adore the gifts.

Walao, beware of this girl.
Ate so much and still kept showing off her new phone!!

One last time, happy birthday, bro.
I am wishing you, all the best in every aspect of your life.
Its another day for you.
God picked another petals on your flower, wishing your flowers may bloom for year!

Sad to Grow Old, But Nice to Ripen.

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